• “Cavendish was using Shimano Ultegra calliper” = what. why? ;o

    • Dom

      for tyre clearance I suspect

    • Liam O’Dea


      D/A is specc’d at 25mm max tyre width vs 28mm for Ultegra

    • jules

      is Cav running the caliper with the QR opened up like that? I’ve found that it weakens the return spring tension

      • James Huang

        It’s quite common for riders to flick the brake QR levers open. The belief is that it prevents brake rub on the rim.

      • EuroFluro

        It’s more to do with as the pads get worn, you close them up.

    • Hamish Moffatt

      brakes only slow you down…

  • H.E. Pennypacker

    Maybe it’s the angle, but clearance on Lotto Soudal’s tubulars looks frighteningly tight. Thank heavens it was dry.

    • David Everett

      The tubulars on the Lotto bikes looked more like 32 mm that what was stated, maybe that’s the reason. I’ll quizz the mechanics next time I see them.

  • MushieG

    Interesting that the tyre pressures are different from the front to the rear (generally 0.3 bar diff). They certainly assess every detail!

  • Robert Merkel

    Re those well-used KTM bicycles, if your team is a bit strapped for cash and gear why would you use scarce brand new shiny gear in a race where it’s every chance to get beaten up?

    • David Everett

      Agreed, the team is first year Pro-Conti. For the previous god knows how many years they’ve churned out professional riders as the VC La Pomme team. A french DN1 squad with the best set up in france.

  • TT

    Love the photos – just wish i see an entire image without redlands cycle classic band coming down and obscuring top quarter of the entire screen !!

    • Aaron Heaysman

      Yep, a tad annoying.

    • claude cat

      Hit the little x in the redlands cycle classic element and it will go away!

  • Ali89

    ‘The KTM bikes of the Delko Marseille Provence KTM team looked very well used; much of the kit looked like it had seen better days’. Surely you don’t have to rub in the fact that they’re broke?

  • gth802s

    The caption from picture #28 reads:

    “The Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod helps absorb the rough hits from the cobbles via a rear end that is designed to slightly flex but also from the added 28.6 mm seatpost. This more traditional size compared to an oversized seatpost allows for added flex and dampening qualities.”

    Makes me wonder if the person who wrote the captions knows much about bikes. I expect more from a website dedicated to road cycling.

    • James Huang

      Sorry, folks, guessing that was just a typo from a sleep-deprived Dave at the race. You’re correct – should be 25.4mm. All fixed.

      • gth802s

        I re-read my original comment and it was a bit harsh. Easy for me to play armchair quarter-back after a good night’s sleep. Thanks for fixing it!

        • James Huang

          No worries at all! I don’t like it when we make mistakes, either ;)

        • David Everett

          I’ll jump in an apologise, James is right. The week of Flanders and Roubaix is stupidly busy, dashing all over Belgium and Northern France to gather content makes for very long days (and far too many McD’s visited). There’s occasionally the odd slip up. Thanks for pointing it out though.

  • slowK

    The Giant Alpecin bikes look like the previous model Defy Advanced SLs (with the aero-ish ISP). Degenkolb used one last year to win, but I wonder why they don’t use the current model (that has been out for >2 years now)?

  • Altimis Nuel

    Isn’t air pressure supposed to be a secret information? why they allowed for snapshot? pic #18

  • Cool shots with great story behing. Hope next time we will see some KERS pictures ;)

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