• krashdavage

    This is not the bike pictured in the photo gallery of the race. Unless they changed the crankset for some reason?

  • krashdavage

    ok… just realised this is Tony Martin’s bike?

    • Nope, check out the caption on image four.

      • krashdavage

        OK, so why the crankset change I wonder?

    • philipmcvey

      Tony M is for Tony Montana – Cancellara’s nickname. Plus Tony Martin doesn’t ride for Trek.

      • krashdavage

        Duh! Good point!

      • Winky

        Montana was a masterpiece of acting by Pacino, but the Montana character himself was a nasty, psychopathic little p&%ck. Not really a good nickname.

  • Altimis Nuel

    “It wasn’t long ago that riders and teams wouldn’t even consider using carbon fibre rims on Belgian cobbles.”

    Why? Carbon supposed to be more vibration damping and more rigid?

    • James Fifield

      Early carbon wheels weren’t resilient enough. Apparently Zipp took a bunch of early wheels to test on the cobbles and the Saxo Bank team destroyed them in a few runs.

    • Alex

      This blog has some good info about getting the first wheels to the cobbles.

  • bigdo

    So niceeee

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Despite all the whiz-bangery on this bike, the guy (and the woman) who WON the race rode bikes that, based on the photos I’ve seen didn’t have any moving parts, elastomers, etc. despite their sponsor offering just such a bike – one they call Roubaix if I’m not mistaken?
    Thank gawd this sport’s still about the rider rather than the bike he or she is using, despite what the marketing mavens would have you believe.

    • blair houghton

      I test-rode a Specialized Roubaix once, on fairly decent but not perfect asphalt. When I brought it back to the LBS I said, “they call it Roubaix because it makes every road feel like it’s cobbled, right?”

    • boalio

      Cycling isn’t all about the rider. The bike, and bike technology has always been a big part of cycling. It’s what makes cycling different to running.

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