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  • Dave

    The OGE guide to riding the cobbles is a good laugh…


  • Tim

    I will be barracking for Cancellara to win. Boonon for second. A random for third, and Sagan 4th at best. Pure sentimentality.

    • Dave

      You got second and third correct!

  • Kieran Degan

    The way Cancellara rode on Sunday makes his a favourite in my eyes.

  • Abdu


    • claude cat

      If it’s wet, I like his chances.

      • Notso Swift

        Agree… and Boom goes for outside chance to well inside

  • Abdu

    Obviously it’s a matter of what you have to leave out, because there’s so much in this race…but the pic of Museuw clutching his shattered kneecap after crashing in the Arenberg ‘trench’ is such a classic. That and the clips of Ballerini and Duclos Lasalle screaming across the fields for their wins.

  • a different ben

    Sebastien (paris_roubaix1973 on instagram) had some photos of signs saying that some sectors will probably be taken out as there’s mud. Might have changed though. https://www.instagram.com/p/BDz-oLEGq-E/

  • Albert

    Any word on what they’re doing about the 5 (I think) railway crossings?

    • The plan is to start the race a little earlier than normal I believe, to ensure the riders don’t hit the rail crossing when trains are due.

      • Dave

        The race is always timed to avoid scheduled trains, with the timing adjusted for the wind direction/speed on the day. It can’t always be done perfectly, as we saw last year when the pace in the first two hours overcame the delayed start.

        I would be very surprised if there are not officials from SNCF monitoring the crossings – both for communicating an order for the race to be stopped in an orderly manner if it’s getting within a few minutes of the crossing closing, and to get photographic evidence of any riders who do run a crossing so they can be prosecuted afterwards.

        The crazy thing is that I believe the regional government which sponsors the race is also the government body which pays for the passenger trains which run on those regional routes, so some rescheduling of one or two trains could easily be organised if the left hand talked to the right. The SA government manages to do it for the TDU despite having three different rail operators (previously four before the Barossa line closed) to work with over the course of the week.

        • MadBlack

          Yeah but that’s in Australia where the1 train per hour is easily dodged an noone is seriously upset about it being delayed either as this happens even without the race. Here we’re in Europe now and rail transport is more frequent and people actually depend on it for transport.

          • Dave

            The TDU has used level crossings on busy commuter lines with up to 12 trains per hour – all without incident because it’s coordinated by a mob who do (unlike some European governments) have the ability to tell their arse from their elbow.

            It’s not rocket science. All you need is a bloke with a couple of radios and a printout of the decision matrix.

            Even the less busy lines in the Adelaide area have busier traffic than most rural railways in France – there is only one train an hour in each direction on the French line in question today. It’s a complete myth that European rail companies are all awesome all the time – that’s only true for big city metros and flashy high speed vanity projects.

  • Notso Swift

    Cancellara closed something like 12 seconds on Sagan on the Kwaremont alone last week, problem was he was 20 seconds behind and endded in no mans land until Van Marke was dropped on the Patterberg, by which time the horse had bolted.
    Sagan just doesn’t do cobbles as well as Fab, and these cobbles are 4 times the size of the Belgian ones

    • Dave

      And that’s what makes this race so great – guys who are strong on the cobbles can cover other weaknesses, while guys who are a bit weaker on the cobbles can still make up for it on the road sections.

  • Competent and thorough presentation, bravo!

  • SausageOfDoom

    For a prostitute, Maria Maria is not being paid very much.

    • Nathan

      I’d ask for more.. Especially from the SausageOfDoom.

  • Belle Cancellara

    My cousin Fabian of course :)

  • Dave

    Greatest ever Backstage Pass coming up!


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