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  • Martin P. Hoff

    The new dr Ferrarri… ;-(

    • Dave

      Dr Aston Martin perhaps?

      • vin cox

        Maserati are the car brand favoured by British doping cyclists.

      • jules

        more like Dr Morris Minor. he doesn’t come across as a doping mastermind “I have testosterone. It’s good”

        • Dave

          The junior kid caught with EPO last year was obviously going with Dr Leyland-built Jaguar.

          Modern Jags are much better.

          • Cameron Harris

            I like to imagine that you’re saying “Jag” like Jeremy Clarkson would: The “Jaaaaaaaag”.


  • Michele

    Extraordinary allegations require extraordinary proof.

    Judging by that banner photo, there is no way that doctor is only 38.


  • ebbe

    There is no way any of these allegations can be even remotely true. Everybody at Cyclingtips knows from reading Cyclingtips that only Italians and Eastern European cheaters cheat, simply because they are cheating cheats. English speakers would never risk their reputation and carreer in such a way. #sarcasm

    • Dave

      You forgot the Spanish.

      • ebbe

        Ah yes, the Spanish… how could I forget them? They’re all cheating cheats! All of them.

        Thanks for reminding me Dave

        • Margie Baldwin

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      • VK

        And the Middle Easterners!

  • Ben Sartori

    is there any indication of the alleged timeframes here?

  • Tom Wells

    He really doesn’t sound all that convincing. Anyone can ‘claim’ to be supplementing anyone with anything, doctor or not.

    • Neuron1

      Denial is a very important self preservation technique. It seems that UKAD was informed years ago and allegedly did nothing. If that is true the plot really thickens. Puts them in the same category as those cheating Spaniards and Russians. I’m sure it was merely a misunderstanding and a secretary lost some paperwork. They have actually been quietly investigating and did’t want to blow their cover, or some other lame excuse. Not to change the subject or anything, but has anyone seen the polls regarding the Brexit?

      • Dave

        The fact that the UK Government has called for the UKAD head honcho to go (i.e. not the Opposition) would suggest that the preliminary investigation of the allegations is showing they are legit.

  • Neuron1

    I am of mixed emotions on this. If it is true it will be devastating to the sport I love to watch and participate in. On the other hand, it certainly would explain the awesome and meteoric rise of British cycling, both male and female, in the last few years. I wonder if it was Jonathan Tiernan-Locke who blew the whistle and if he is the Floyd Landis of the British Isles. And lastly, if this is true, it should wipe some of the smugness off the faces and keyboards of many of the commenters here and on other sites.

    • J Evans
    • Ronin

      So, this, finally will devastate the sport, will it? I doubt it. Where have you been since 1998? For me, if Sky gets caught up in this, I’ll just break out the popcorn and enjoy the spectacle.

      • jules

        I’m not defending Sky specifically, but if they have gone down that road I’m fairly confident it would be with someone more sophisticated than this peanut.

      • Kupepe

        “He told them that over the past six years he had treated sportspeople from the UK and abroad with banned substances such as erythropoietin (EPO), steroids and human growth hormone”

        Come on mate … these are cheap stuff for hopeless domestiques trying to keep a contract.

        If you go for TDF you would use enhancing techniques that target mitochondria and really low level of flesh tissue cells that cannot be scanned .. yet.

    • david__g

      I can’t believe anyone would actually hope this is true just so they can, what, score some internet keyboard warrior smug points over other people? You’re weird, dude.

  • J Evans

    Any doping found out is a positive thing. Let’s wait and see, but I won’t be surprised if it’s true.

  • J Evans

    Has anyone broken this to the secret pro?

  • Neuron1

    With the libel laws in the UK, and the history of Lance suing David Walsh and winning, I would think The Sunday Times would have their facts checked and all of their legal bases covered.

  • J Evans

    And the doping authorities covered it up, you say? No, this must have been Russia.

    • Neuron1

      Lots of silence from our Aussie and English mates on CT today. Cat must have their tongue’s.

      • Dave

        Plenty from the Aussies above, despite it having been posted in the evening.

        The only comment on performance-enhancing drugs from the Poms today will probably be to wish Ben Stokes had some in Kolkata last night. Do many of them post on here?

        • Neuron1

          Genuinely sorry.

    • J Evans

      And Cookson is already rubbishing the whole story. Sound like any previous UCI presidents?

  • Berne Shaw

    This guy looks like a complete jerk does he not. OMG

    • Andy B

      sounds like one too, as much as I’m sure some of his allegations are likely true
      he does seem like the kind of guy to embellish and tell bullshit to sway people into feeling better about doping so I wouldn’t take all his claims as truth just yet

      amazing how quickly he offers it though, I find it hard enough to get anything prescribed when im genuinely ill :)

  • J Evans

    I don’t care if this bloke does have the nostrils of Kenneth Williams, this should be taken seriously until is PROVEN to be false. (Capitals are for Cookson.)
    And the president of the UCI should not be trying to sweep it into that massive bulge under the UCI carpet.

  • Samuel Clemens

    Wow, shocking!
    Or not really. When I was preparing for the Cape Epic mountain bike race in South Africa, my doctor from whom I had to get a medical checkup , asked if I wanted access to any ‘help’; he, after all, was a sports oriented doctor who treats cyclists and rugby and cricket players. I said no thanks (not that this is the point of the post). The point is that getting PEDs and professionally micro-dosed and so you can avoid testing positive or whatnot, is more or less as difficult as falling out of a tree.

    • Dave

      Something that has been forgotten by a fair few people commenting on here is that most of the drugs used are not illegal.

      In most countries, using them to enhance sporting performance is not illegal either, only disallowed under the sport’s internal rules which don’t carry any penalty heavier than being thrown out of the sport.

      • Samuel Clemens

        This is an important and valuable point. It applies for ‘Strava dopers’, too – they have done nothing wrong (legally speaking; morally, perhaps, but that is a wooly argument for another day) if they are not in sanctioned competition. (This will have greater context for those who read that fascinating ‘Thorfinn-Sassquatch’ article).

        • Dave

          And in the US Federal Court case referred in that article, his only crime is importing drugs from overseas instead of paying inflated prices to US monopolies.


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