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  • Craig

    Another informative and (very) entertaining read . . . thanks Loren! (Bring on the buses!!!)

  • 900Aero

    Not hard to imagine that many of these apply equally to the OGE mens teams – albeit from the luxury of their coach – chamois dance included.
    Thanks Loren!

  • jules

    what happens if you apply heat cream to your nipples? we’ve all already got the visualisation in our heads, we may as well know the rest

    one time at a race I was getting changed in the men’s public toilets and someone walks in and says to me “normally I would be calling the cops about now, but since it’s a bike race.. “

  • Molly

    Can’t seem to find the team’s playlist on Spotify :-/

    • DJH

      Me either… :-(

      • Anne-Marije Rook

        I found it by going to “Annemiek van Vleuten” -> Public Playlists

  • Liz Otto Hamel

    Love this…would also love to follow an Orica-AIS backstage pass!


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