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  • f gr

    Question: do you generally mention how many children male riders have?

    • Kyle V.

      That is a good point. Though unfortunately I think it is more common to mention that with women’s racing because many of them aren’t paid enough for them to be professional at only racing bikes and it usually requires more sacrifice from them and their families to make it work. See her quote of “As a family we kind of invested in it, as a whole family, putting it all in together.” You don’t see such comments from the male side of the sport very often.

    • Liz Otto Hamel

      Note, she also had to physically give birth to the children. This requires a lot of changes to your body, which take place over a long period of time. I feel like that’s noteworthy as an athlete.

      However, agree that it would also be interesting to know whether male athletes have children.

    • Neal Rogers

      Male riders don’t get pregnant, nor do they deal with the many physical changes, during and after. that come with that. If you watch the video, Scotti made a point of referencing having children as part of her career path as an athlete. She did so off-camera as well. I’m not clear why pointing out the fact that she’s been able to manage being a mother of young twins with a career as a professional athlete would be considered disrespectful. If anything, it’s the opposite — an acknowledgment of the sacrifices she’s made, and the work she’s put in, to still be at that high level.

    • Dave

      Jens Voigt’s six kids were mentioned enough by commentators to make up for a lifetime of occasional references to female riders’ kids!


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