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  • Jonathan Miller

    Will there be a triple for touring?

    • Velt

      Hope so

  • Daniel Tan

    Aren’t these the same shape as the 105 hydro STRS505 levers? What makes them ‘a departure from Shimano’s other hydro levers’?

    • You’re quite right. The departure is from the earlier 785 and 685 levers. Those levers have a more pronounced point at the end of the hoods but there is only a mild bulge over the lever blade.

  • The Cycling Snob

    They’ll look fantastic with for folks with helmet visors, fanny packs and pasty thunder thighs.

    • Hamish Moffatt

      Thanks for the snobbery.

  • The Fashion Police

    Thanks for the informative table. Anecdotally, from a small sample size, I’m told the hassles of hydraulics disc brakes outweigh its benefits compared to mechanical disc brakes, like to hear what others have experienced?

    • Shimano’s funnel bleeding system is excellent so it’s worth buying the kit. Bleeding gets easier with practice but there’s no need to bleed Shimano’s hydraulics that often, so the only people that find it easy are mechanics and those that own multiple bikes.

      There are other hassles associated with disc brakes but the feel of the brakes makes it very easy to ignore them. Mechanical brakes aren’t in the same league but they are easier to service and adjust.

      • The Fashion Police

        I was thinking the only performance advantage between hydraulic vs mechanical is the additional cable friction with mechanical brakes.
        Advantages of mechanical would be servicing, adjustment, shifter compatibility, and cost? Should I just go with the ‘hydraulic’ flow (pun intended)?

        • All fair points that carry weight. The master cylinder has a big impact on the ergonomics of the lever too. But the feel is something else. Aside from the missing friction hydraulic brake levers have a much lighter action.

    • Velt

      Personally, I’d never buy a bike without hyd discs again

  • Tan

    The new Tiagra brake callipers come equipped with Shimano’s standard resin pads, but they are compatible with the company’s Ice Tech pads

    Any confirmation on this? I just asked a Shimano FB page rep and said the pads are not compatible :/


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