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  • Patrick Murphy

    There have been many great cycling quotes but this now has to be right up there!

    “There are actually five terror levels in this country,” the Belgian said. “The fourth one is the most serious, but there’s actually a fifth one people don’t know about: when they cancel bike races.”

    • Shane Stokes

      I liked that one too!

  • jules

    there’s something poetic about the Belgian races pushing on past adversity. you kind of expect it from them.

  • katko

    we stayed in Brussels over the weekend and travelled by train to Oudenaarde on Sunday morning…the atmosphere was totally different at the race and in the villages and bergs…this is how we responded to the attacks – Slovak fans cheering with Belgian friends…other people even came to us to shake hand and congratulate for Peter´s victory…they certainly love cycling :)

    • Shane Stokes


  • Tim Robson

    Terrific read. Cheers.


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