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  • H.E. Pennypacker

    Love it in theory. Interested to see how it plays out in practice. I may have missed it, but is part of the program that the team covers/contributes to tuition for each athlete’s required educational/vocational program? Or are the athletes on their own for that?

    • Saeba R.

      I’m not sure re their teams arrangements, but mostly Aus students have no direct upfront tuition…

      • Dave

        And on top of that, Australian universities are generally very willing to make special arrangements for athletes which are not available to normal students. Even in the more highly-paid pro sports here, you’ll often find in excess of half a team’s list taking some sort of part-time uni course.

        I could see one of the more modern universities here offering scholarships as a form of sponsorship for this team – maybe UniSA which already puts up the cash for CA to have a national team at the TDU and has a number of Euro-based pro riders taking courses externally.

      • H.E. Pennypacker

        Good to know. Thanks.

  • StryderHells

    Why oh why would you get involved with Vaughters! bad move Drapac

    • Dave

      Should offer a good opportunity if any of these student riders want to take courses in applied chemistry.

      I wonder if Michael Drapac is doing this with an eye to a future merger of the top level teams? It’s not a secret that he wants his names at the top races, and merging his self-sponsored team with an existing WorldTour team which has just dropped back to one naming rights sponsor would be the way to do it.

      • Nichole Leach

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      • Pete

        My spies tell me the pro tour team will be Drapac/Cannondale or the other way round with Pat’s Veg the feeder team.


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