• ummm…

    If the allegations are true, which I believe they are, then he certainly cannot manage. Although, I’d be wary of using this case as further proof of “Sexism”. This man appeared to an equal opportunity offender. We dont want to be divisive or project our politics too much, even as I may be doing so in my comment – paradoxically.

    This is a good move for GB cycling, and we should at least be pleased that Shane was willing to do the right thing.

    • Dave

      I agree it’s probably best for Sutton and British Cycling to amicably agree to part ways. They both get to avoid an embarrassing inquiry, and paying a decent severance is far cheaper than defending an action for unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal.

      It’s not going to solve the bigger problem though. Excrement rolls downhill, and there’s no way that the head coach is anywhere near the top of the hill.

      • Diane Lecroy

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      • ummm…

        you know, i have to say that whether Sutton was an equal opportunity offender it doesn’t change that he was a sexist as well. I have to back off my hard line on that one.

  • Derek Maher

    I don’t know Mr Sutton but it has been my experience in the past that some men in the cycle racing world never took women seriously as dedicated racers the feeling among them was the women would only be around for a season or two find a man and move on so they were not worth investing time and effort or money in. Sad way of going about things and that’s probably one of the reasons women’s racing and development of their sport has taken so long to gain a foothold.

  • roddders

    Sky are going to be well impressed that riders are going to the daily (hate) mail with their tales of woe. Give it 12 months and gb cycling won’t have a sponsor, it any Olympic medals. Well done jess.


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