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May 26, 2017
May 25, 2017
May 24, 2017
May 23, 2017
  • Michele

    Brilliant piece.

    As someone who caught the cycling bug in the late 90s, was introduced to what quickly became my favourite part of the season, I thoroughly enjoyed this.

    Exotic names like Museeuw, van Petegem; names you never heard come July – their seasons effectively already over.

    2003 Ronde was a great edition. Thanks for the recap.

  • Avuncular

    As someone who followed these races from afar and could only read them about pre internet by rushing into McGills a week after to secure your copy of Cycling Weekly, it brings it back. Now we realise what the era was about, nevertheless if you treat it for what it is, you can only marvel at the lengths human beings will go to for short term glory, to entertain us and sometimes deceive. RIP VDB.

  • claude cat

    Thanks for this one. Great read.

  • jms

    Timely to see a motorbike crash and block the climb at one stage in the video

  • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

    by the doping culture & pressures of fanatical hero search & worship.
    Like Pantani… Pieces like this gloss over reality. Poor Kant ?


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May 26, 2017
May 25, 2017
May 24, 2017
May 23, 2017