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  • Jon Thornton

    Great story.

  • Eat More Lard

    Hats off to everyone of those awesome and inspirational women. Having knocked off a couple of Oppys, it is so hard to fight that sleep demon and keep going. As we were chasing more modest goals, we had the luxury of time to make regular stops through the night and spend a few minutes off the bike to freshen up. This team had no such luxury and just had to battle through. Chapeau.

  • roddders

    Good on them for actually getting out there and riding it, with very little publicity or mention by the media. Compared to that hoax who was going for the annual mileage record and got loads of sponsors and media coverage and bailed these guys deserve heaps more coverage.

  • Chocqua

    inspiring stuff! great effort girls

  • Marika

    “You can’t wait till you are a 110 percent certain..you just have to jump right in and figure it out along the way” Great words to live by.

  • An amazing group of women lead by Sarah.
    Sarah is such an inspiration and I wish her all the luck possible for her attempt at the Trans Am.


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