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  • MattHurst

    Interesting article, thank you. Love the photo of the sad BM in the rain, we feel your pain, bravo.

  • Lopekal

    Love the 3rd photo: “Hey! I’ll tell you what. We’ll go out by the bins and take a photo of you kneeling and grinning hard!”

  • Derek Maher

    Sorry ladies that you get a load of hassle doing your job. Admiring looks in the summer from guys and jealous looks from girls is part of nature when you are a toned and fit woman. Be proud of yourselves.

    • Danielle Kosecki

      no, it’s really not

    • Neil

      And this mentality is the problem.

      • Derek Maher

        Is it now non PC for a man to admire a fit woman athlete ?.


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