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August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
August 15, 2017
August 14, 2017
  • Aussie Bazza

    Awesome. Bring on Sunday night!

  • Can’t wait!

  • Notso Swift

    Great photo’s, Thank god European Daylight savings has started gets us an hour and makes it so much easier to stay up.

    BTW there is a reason they don’t have quads like Tchmil’s…

    • Sean Doyle

      Peiper was definitely one of my favourite riders of the era. Obviously being an Aussie but also he was the consummate pro and fully lived the life of a dedicated pro. An outrageously talented rider that never quite lucked onto a result he was capable of.

      Flanders by far is my favourite race on the calendar. P-R always seemed like too much of a lottery for me but the spectacle is still awesome to watch and you always ride your bike faster for a week after watching both races.

    • Stretch

      Haha – thought the same about Tchmil’s thighs

  • Anonymous

    Great photos. I’d love to have them as a slide show I can play on my TV.

  • The ‘other’ Koppenberg. #POTD

  • stoned cobbler

    check out the chain slop in the cobbled photos. and eddy’s outrageous “climbing gear” – 42 / 21? love it!

  • purpletezza

    Forecast is 5 degrees C!

    • Michele

      Last year on the day before Flanders, we did the Sportive. Rode from Ghent to Oudenaarde along the famed Schedle bike way. It was minus 2. The Garmin weather app on their Connect website said it felt like minus 7.

      The average temp for the day was 4.5 degrees.

  • Is that the same spectator wearing the same jumper on 2 consecutive years on the Muur – 2010 and 2011

  • Andy Logan

    Can’t wait for Sunday. It’s gonna be awesome.

  • Jay F.

    Why where cyclists “built differently” back in those days? was is due to low cadence gear mashing or what?

    • Billy

      Athletes in most sports were built differently back in the day. Check out AFL, they were sticks compared to now. Rugby and cricket players from that era were a lot fatter than now days. While rugby players are still huge, their fatty flab and gunt like guts have been replaced with muscle.

      • Jay F.

        the implication seemed to me that they were more heavily muscled back in the day…

        • mouse

          The implication is that in the late ’80’s there was understood to be widespread use of PED’s in the form of Testosterone or anabolic steroids to promote muscle growth and strip subcutaneous fat. Look at photos from that era in detail and witness very well developed quadriceps with veins sticking out. The thinking was that more muscle=stronger/faster cyclist. This obviously predates the blood doping era where other factors were understood to modify performance.

          The implication with regard to the various football codes and the size of the players in modern day is that they have adopted the use of such methods with gusto. They just call the “supplements” and that makes it all ok.

          • Notso Swift

            More likely HGH as Anabolic’s were an easy test by the late 80’s

  • Paolo

    Ahhh, i live in the wrong country on the wrong continent.

  • Michele

    I always love looking at those photos of the Muur.

    What’s funny is those who used to sit right on the inside left-hand bend on the Muur have just moved to the top of the Paterberg.

    The two young men yelling at Cancellara on the Muur [Cancellara in his Swiss national champs jersey]. Their heads are just next to Fabian’s handlebars.

    The last 2 years they’ve camped out on the Paterberg – one of them is looking away from Canc but is adjacent to his head.

    It’s amazing how they get in the ‘moment shots’ every year. Been doing so for the past 5-7 years now too. Love it

  • Awesome images. Thank you so much Wade!

  • Matt

    Tornado Tom Frites!

  • Richard Smith

    Anyone else notice the fella puking up a Flandrian flag in the title shot?

  • avila

    Small note: That’s not Wesemann in the 2005 picture. Zabel is the visible Telekom rider and Klier is behind Van Petegem.

  • Mark_Kelly

    Photo 4 of Roger de Vlaeminck doesn’t appear to be from the1977 race, where he wore a short sleeve jersey (see photo 2).

  • Duncan Farrow

    Tintin (in the Colnago jumper) hasn’t aged very well.

  • Neuron1

    Peter van Petegem should have shaed his arms too.

  • Samaway

    Nice pot shot at Armstrong. Haven’t we learned–from the USADA report, from the CIRC report, from the report by Danish Anti-Doping, and the list goes on–that drugs were very much “normal” throughout that era? If so, isn’t calling individuals out for being “charged up” a bit shortsighted and unhelpful?

    • P3N54

      Think what they are trying to say is that Lance is not man enough for RVV even on a full programme as described in various reports. No more no less.

      • Samaway

        Surely you’re being hyperbolical, if a multi-time GT winner doesn’t meet your standards of masculinity?

        • P3N54

          Not by De Ronde’s standards.

    • Nomad

      “Throughout that era?” You mentioned the CIRC report from last year, which referenced an unnamed but “respected” cyclist who said that “90%” of the peloton was doping. If accurate…pretty much everyone.

      PED use is even categorized into “low-octane” & “high-octane” doping (more sophisticated sounding, I guess). At least with the ABP though, the riders can’t go thermonuclear like they could during the wild 90s and most of the Armstrong dynasty.

      Btw, LA finished 27th (2:30 down). I like his pic…he looks like a Puncheur type rider.

      • Samaway

        Sure, I said “throughout that era” to reference the period when Armstrong competed because I was responding to the picture above. Clearly the sport has a history with drugs that goes far beyond one period. I do think there’s an uncertainly about the present that demands restraint until we know more. I imagine our knowledge of current practices will develop as time passes, as is usually the case in this sport. In the meantime I try to avoid assumptions because the topic is so loaded.

    • Ronin

      But, Armstrong was mean to people, so he can be singled out and ripped. Being mean is even worse than being bad.

  • Deryck Walker

    In my opinion the greatest place in the world to ride your bike (for a roadie). Endless flowing country backroads and a respect for the sport you will not see or experience anywhere else in the world. Flanders is BikeMecca. Bring on the ronde.


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August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
August 15, 2017
August 14, 2017