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  • Derek Maher

    Thanks for an excellent report on the race Jeanine. I do hope the UCI did a video . Well done to Anna on a back to back win and to her team for riding well to keep her in contention. Eurosport showed her crossing the line and the later podium presentations. Emma J placed well after her tough stage race win last weekend. The women’s calendar needs some more races in Europe. The gaps are to big and having to fly to China then across to the states puts a huge expense on team budgets.

    • Jeanine Laudy

      Thank you Derek. We’re waiting for the UCI video too! Once it’s up it’ll be added to this report.

      • Derek Maher

        Hi Jeanine, The UCI highlight video has been posted on their site today.
        For those interested in women’s racing go to the UCI main site and click on road teams, check category and click on women’s teams.
        All the women’s UCI registered teams are there. Click on each team name and details are shown. Also click on the www link for each team and you get onto the teams web sites. Plenty of good reading and info plus race schedules for the year on these sites.
        Cheers. Derek.


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