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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
  • Nick G

    Horrible injury but surely this is an over reaction?

  • Berne Shaw

    Cover them or ban them. 200 racers will mirder each other in crashes. Alternatively use carbon wheels with aluminum rims. This no over reaction. This was foreseeable. Industry profits must not blin us to rider safety. They can either cover them or they cannot be used

  • Wilson

    Good. They are ugly and unnecessary

    • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

      They’re not that bad!
      (Actually thought the same but you get used to it)
      But for this application I agree- unnecessary.

      Lots of disc brake owners are angry about this! I’ve been slammed on this forum!
      Why the defensiveness do you think?

      • Dave

        The aggression (not defensiveness) is all just bluster.

        And it’s worked. The UCI has shown all the strength of a wet lettuce leaf instead of standing firm and examining the facts.

        • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

          nice to get a response that’s not dismissive condescension! P
          Admittedly I fished for it!
          But true again- it’s aggression

  • MadBlack

    So dear UCI, with that non existent logic…where is the ban on motorbike use? And where is any proof of those extraordinary claims by ventoso???

  • Michael Sproul

    Looking forward to reading “Cyclingtips” take on this, hopefully we’ll see an article from you guys and get to hear all sides?

    Edit for some sarcasm. Moto’s are still cool though…and team cars…and commissaries cars…all vehicles are OK motoring on by the peloton…

  • A couple of nasty injuries and the problem is removed immediately. Overreaction or not, this is safety first. So why are rules around vehicles & motos that have been causing injuries that are as bad or worse, over a far longer period, and even been linked to deaths still unchanged? Anything to do with money from the media and VIPs? Double standard?

    • Dave

      A temporary ban until the facts are known is not ideal, but still defensible if the facts are examined promptly. I hope this policy of temporary action in the light of an alleged safety problem, pending an investigation, will continue with it being applied to other concerns raised throughout the year in addition to this one.

      If the UCI officials work hard over the weekend they could have the facts in order by Monday, allowing the ban should be lifted in time for the Giro del Trentino and Flèche Wallonne so Amstel Gold would be the only top-level race affected.

    • Ronin

      “Overreaction or not, this is safety first.”

      Exactly right. This is what Safety First! looks like. It’s not even known whether a disc caused Ventoso’s injury, yet on the chance it was, discs need to be prohibited until their use is perfectly Safe! Congratulations, people. Keep up the good work of protecting the riders! As TJ van Gardaren has said, The riders need to be protected from themselves. The UCI won’t do it, so the people have to do it. Demand Safety First! in all things.

      I don’t know about motos and cars, though. In fact, we should probably add more EMTs on motos and add more ambulances to the caravan. The wealthier races should be required to have a mobile surgical team rolling with the peloton. It’s 2016.

      But, whatever the case with vehicles, we can make great strides to realize Safety First! by going after low hanging fruit. Descents generally and downhill racing must be banned. The dirty secret of cycling is that a large number of the most serious injuries and deaths occur in the bright sunlight of temperate summer days racing downhill, when this is absolutely unnecessary for the sport. We all know cycling only needs steep uphill ascents on the great cols and high mountain top finishes. That’s true cycling.

  • Arfy

    The disc brake trial was already under pressure by the big teams who had all reverted back to caliper brakes. No investigation into Ventoso’s claims means it was the ideal excuse.

  • kenji

    Driven by consumerism to have discs in the pro peloton. Technology advancements are great but always look at the safety aspects of the riders before implementation.

    UCI, you need to consider the safety of the riders and not the profitability gains for the manufacturers. Pro riders have voiced their concerns in 2015 and these went under the rug.

  • Dave

    This is turning into a major egg-on-face episode for the UCI.

    Happy to sit on their hands while their moto commissaires slaughter the riders, but as soon as one rider makes a completely unsupported claim (and then further undermines it by flat out lying about somebody else’s crash) they go for the ban hammer.

    What a joke. Cycling Australia have been informed that I will be revoking my membership if an emergency meeting and vote of no confidence in the current UCI management does not proceed by the end of next month.

    • mouse

      Hahahahaha. You go girl.
      So much bluster. Honestly, In most commentators eyes it seems, the UCI is to blame for all the worlds ills.
      Take a step back to consider the possibility that you may be reacting to your cognitive bias without having all relevant information.

  • Henry

    The UCI is like a reed blowing in the wind. Hold fast. Sure disc brakes might cause the odd injury, but so do chainrings! Maybe we should go to belt drive bikes with no teeth? Disc brakes might also reduce some injuries by allowing a rider to stop before ploughing off a cliff for example. I was a fan of Cookson but the UCI is still being reactive and jumping at shadows. Be a leader. Be strong. Stand fast.

  • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

    Carbon fibre peninsula prostheses
    Fits in the middle of your forehead- loads of ‘fast’ words and graphics along with the sentence
    “I’m such a serious cyclist you could not wear or afford one of these!”
    guaranteed to soothe regret and anger that your ‘latest bike’ is deemed non compliant ?

  • Karen

    Funny, people get squished and die from media motorbikes- no reaction, but people get injured and there is a suspension. You’d think deaths would motivate action as much as stitches wouldn’t you?

  • Peter Moline

    At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious (no pun intended), why don’t the UCI insist that all discs have a rounded cross-section profile instead of the current hard edge? It might cost the manufacturers a few bucks more to machine them after stamping, but the so-called “problem” would disappear.
    [full disclosure – I ride a road bike that is fitted with disc brakes]

  • Saeba R.

    Honestly this issue has shown how idiotic people become if they have a bias towards an issue (in this case as sims silly as slightly different style brakes). Seriously it is a very reasonable response by the UCI – and has little to no affect on the teams.

    Do I have to spell out the difficulty of banning motorbikes? No media – no sport. No police – no sport. Should I go on? Is it really that hard to understand it is a very very different situation?

    And to all the other conjecture/speculation no one mentioned anything that can’t be addressed during the review.

    Honestly who would have thought disk brakes would be the next climate change debate…

  • Derek Maher

    Does it matter that these brake disks are banned for road racing for the moment. I am sure the makers of these systems can come up with a safety feature to avoid the danger of the present set up. The riders have an alternative brake system to use so it will not effect the racing season. Non racers can carry on using their disk brakes if they want to so it will not effect them.

  • Of course we can look at all this another way and start realising that bikes raced in a ‘pro’ environment are (and should be?) very different from bikes Mr/Mrs Average Joe rides? I am pro disc BTW. In the real world, on rubbish roads, traffic, water, oil, rain and the lack of a pro mechanic going over my bike in full after every ride etc. etc. I would never think of going back to a rim brake. But the real vs. the Pro worlds are very different, so what’s good for one may not be good for another.

    As for an over reaction? Probably is.. but then the UCI are legends for that, no? That said, the industrial designer in me can come up with at least two things that could be done to ‘prevent’ potential injuries as claimed with zero impact on weight or performance. I guess it just comes down to the will to do it and I think in the industry, there is a lot of will to make/force people to buy into something to keep the machine running but not so much to do it right.

  • ebbe

    I’ve been wondering for a few days now about what the UCI is trying to hide behind this disc brakes smoke screen. Now I know: Italian and French media are bringing a story tonight that they’ve found 7 motors used in 2 elite races (Strade Bianchi and Coppi-Bartali) using heat-sensing camera’s. http://sporza.be/cm/sporza/wielrennen/1.2631765

    • Saeba R.

      Sorry – but in reality the ban is to draw attention away from a jfk area 31 coverup.

      • GoRixter

        Is Area 31 the misdirection away from Area 51? Personally I think Elvis is behind the new motors

    • Dave

      In addition, the Disciplinary Commission decision on Femke van den Driessche was supposed to be announced last week, between the 8th and 14th.

      • ebbe

        Good one Dave!


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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017