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  • Dave

    My tip is that the merger will be announced just before the Tour de France.

    • Ian Symonds

      nailed it

  • bigdo

    Drapac guy sounds like a total PR ass… lol… riders have to be enrolled in Uni to ride for the team? lol… that’s a joke and something that is based on old-paradigm thinking. Just having gone to Uni means nothing in the way of adjusting back to “life after cycling”. His modus operandi signals to me that he’s not going to pay his rider’s a decent wage, if any wage and after they get done being used by him for however long, he doesn’t want to be seen as culpable, so he’ll say ‘we made them go to uni!, not my fault they’re poor!’.

    Seriously, this whole pay your dues and starve while you’re an amateur system of whoring out athletes of ALL disciplines is abhorrent as it is long standing.

  • AMK3072

    Does Drapac ever focus on race results?

  • Will

    How will riders balance the demands of university and pro-racing? Seems very unlikely to me that they’ll be able to participate in university life, and just doing an on-line degree doesn’t do much in preparing you for life.

    • Dave

      I agree.

      I don’t think it’s a bad thing for pro athletes to do one or two uni subjects a year (but not a full external program), to keep them at least partially engaged and providing an entry point to pick up their studies properly when they retire from sport. The state cricket associations in Australia and AFL clubs (both sports which pay considerably more than cycling does for even WorldTour-level domestiques) certainly promote this option well and facilitate their guys being able to spend some time on campus in person.

      It should be optional though, not Drapac’s model of attempting to copy US college sport.


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