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  • claude cat

    Cancellara looks so strong, and would have probably figured in E3 if not for the late mechanical. And it would be great to see him go out with another Monument!

    • Michele

      He’s my tip; barring accident or ill-fortune.
      Would love Tommeke to turn back the clock; though that’s unlikely.

  • a different ben

    Is this the longest ever single post here on CT?

    • Not even close! Don’t be put off by the interesting videos and photos embedded throughout the piece. ;)

      • a different ben

        No fear! I’ve just rewatched Cosmo’s HTRWW videos for about the umpteenth times. So good.

  • Gordon Haywood

    Cancellara looks really strong, Sagan looks good but a question still hangs over his finishing speed if in a group.
    Terpstra and Van Avemaet can never be discounted
    Roughies Stybar and Sep Van Marke
    It’s going to be another awesome race, more-so if the top 5 are still there and at the front with 10km to go

  • Feral

    Pop quiz – Paolo Bettini 2006 (World Champoinship, Salzburg and shortly after, Giro di Lombardia)?

    • Correct weight.

      • Logical follow-up question: who was the last person to win Flanders as World Champion?

        • Michele

          2005 World Champion
          2006 Flanders
          Though Fabian may have done it after that as ITT Champion :)

      • Roger That


  • Roger That

    Only a few sleeps to go, neighbours!

    • Bex

      Roger That!

  • Simon Gamble

    Sagan and Cancellara are hard to look past

    • Simon Gamble

      Boom and boom

  • Dave

    One thing we can expect is some atrocious bike handling and abusive tweets afterwards – T*** D******** D*** have gone for the ‘any publicity is good publicity’ route and included Matt Brammeier in their squad for the race.


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