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  • Neuron1

    Wasn’t it on this page that Nibali was excoriated for wanting to race in the “snowy” conditions of TA when the stage was cancelled the night before. As a reminder the conditions were perfect. The peloton just raced through colder temps and blowing snow and icy roads on this “epic” edition of LBL. The editorialists on this page along with Velonews and inrng duly chimed in and backed the CPA and race director, citing rider safety. The EWP was not followed today because the CPA representative was home sick. So, in the interest of consistency: were they right to cancel the TA stage and wrong to allow LBL to proceed today? Or maybe vice versa?

    In the new kinder gentler world of cycling, the threat of snow is clearly more dangerous to rider safety that the actual weather condition.

    • Dave

      The inability of the CPA to nominate a different representative is their problem to sort out. It says volumes about the disorganisation of the riders’ laughable attempt at a union that, despite 21st century communication channels like Twitter, this couldn’t be accomplished in minutes.

      The teams’ association could also have raised an issue if they thought there was one. But they didn’t need to, because they could trust the race organiser to get it right.

      Context is needed before comparing the T-A stage cancellation with LBL last night. The riders and teams have no choice but to express scepticism and opt for excessive caution when faced with the threat of bad weather in Italy (everyone remembers the Fiasco di Stelvio a couple of years ago) because they can’t trust the organisers there. The T-A cancellation will only confirm that perception of Italian race organisers.

      In contrast, the Paris-Nice stage cancellation earlier this year (when they proposed enacting the EWP, not the riders) and the short deviation during LBL last night will only increase the confidence of the peloton in trusting ASO to organise safe races.

      • Neuron1

        No offense intended, but you are merely an anti-Italian bigot! All statements that issue forth from you are based on that premise and the facts of the situation have nothing do do with the post. I am a Nibali fan, but, at least I look at the facts of the race situation before commenting. I would refer you to the EWP text and the inrng post. http:/ /inrng. com/2016/03/the-extreme-weather-protocol/ Simple question: Was the protocol followed? Yes or No. Look at the pictures: was there snow on the roads? Yes or No. How did the riders describe the conditions? Costa, ” It was a tough day with the rain, cold and snow, the toughest I can remember.” Valverde, “Hailstorm at times, lots of snow, rain, temperatures below zero… ” Does ASO have a financial interest in having the race proceed despite the weather? Yes or No. Because this is a one day race and classic is there greater pressure to proceed despite the weather conditions? Yes or No. Do you think any teams or riders would speak up against the dominant force in cycling and potentially risk an invite to ASO races? BTW on the stage prior to the one cancelled in PN they rode through a snowstorm, with accumulated snow on the roads. What happened to the moral outrage in support of rider safety? It doesn’t exist, it was all directed at one rider who had the temerity to speak out. I would respectfully suggest you wake up and smell the espresso, or cappuccino if its before 10 am.

  • Ronin

    Like totally brutal, dude! That’s what I was thinking!

    • Nichole Leach

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  • Derek Maher

    Great LBL race. The weather was really tough and hard on the riders but they raced on in the spirit of past LBL races and those that finished will always have a good story to tell.


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