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  • lefthandside


  • I actually start to like this man.

    • Sean

      Most people are more likeable when they aren’t starving themselves.

    • Andy B

      Once it starts you cant stop it..

  • BeatPoet67

    I’d like to see him do some commentary on the big races. I like his dry humour and his honesty.

    • badboygolf16v

      Let’s hear him be honest about how Geert Leinders helped him win the 2012 Tour.

  • The last line does it for me. Doing it because he loves it.

    • Neal Rogers

      Man, I’m just happy to hear folks are getting to the last line after 3,000 words. Thanks for sticking in there!

      • lee

        Neil, you’re very comprehensive…

  • Corsa

    “the most decorated British Olympic athlete of all time” Chris Hoy might disagree with that.

    • 900Aero

      Yes but Wiggo has more tatts. Most Illustrated British Olympic Athlete perhaps?

    • Dave

      Unlike Hoy, he has Olympic medals in all three colours.

    • Neal Rogers

      Certainly open to interpretation. Was referring to Olympics. Hoy has more golds; Wiggins has more medals. Put ’em all on a wall, Wiggins’ wall would be “more decorated.”

      • Corsa

        Both have 7 total.

        • Neal Rogers

          Ah, my mistake. Right you are.

    • Sean

      Chris Hoy isn’t a proper pom anyway.

      • David Everett

        Brad was born in Gent, Belgium. Not sure he can fully claim pom status either ;)

    • Matt

      I’d give Wiggo the win in a tie break given he’s won his medals across two formats.

  • velocite

    Interesting man. I’m thinking he could take a lead from Jamie Oliver: celebrity chef uses his celebrity to work on changing the eating habits of a nation, including school children. Wiggo could become an ambassador for cycling and cycle racing, to schools in particular.

  • Andy B

    Always enjoy an article on Wiggo, He keep its real :)

  • Saeba R.

    A good guy.

  • Gavin Adkins

    Great piece. One thing, I actually think that Wiggins not discussing or commenting on Shane Sutton is the correct approach. It demonstrates proper respect both for the riders that have made allegations and Sutton’s decision to resign so as to not distract from Team GB’s Olympic preparation.

    • jules

      Wiggo has professional advice on that stuff. an easy mistake for less supervised riders to make is to think “a question – I’ll answer it I guess”. which doesn’t always result in happy outcomes


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