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  • Sean

    You’re a total legend Adam, your articles are among the best published here.

    • Thanks mate, really appreciate it and glad you enjoy them!

  • jules

    “The romanticism of the sport is, in some ways, at odds with the harsh reality of racing, and yet, after it all – through the broken bones, the wins and the losses, the bad days and the good – here I am.”

    nice one Adam. at the end of the day, that’s what we do – exist. even when it’s not what our romantic selves imagined it as. mind you, pro bike racing has gotta be interesting, even if not always charming :)

    • Yeah, racing bikes can be hard but at the end of the day it is an experience that not everyone gets to have!

  • Wish I was on the bike…

    I really enjoy your writing and reflections Adam.

  • blimit

    You have a great turn of phrase Adam – pensive and highly evocative. Agree with Sean that these are the best writings on this website so keep them coming

    • Cheers @blimit:disqus – keeps me inspired to keep writing!

  • Lach

    Another great video & article. #anotherone

  • Tristan Cardew

    Really enjoyed reading this, AP. Can’t wait to get back to Girona in September..the place is heaven. Might see you at La Fabs if you’re still around. Until then, keep enjoying, keep riding and keep writing, and hopefully we’ll see you with your arms raised a few more times this season.


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