Adventure, empowerment, change: Videos that will make you want to get in the saddle and ride

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We all need a little bit extra motivation from time to time. Maybe the weather is crappy, maybe you’re tired or maybe you just don’t feel like getting on the bike today.

Luckily, the bike industry has really been stepping up their women’s advertising game lately, and there are some really cool videos floating around the internet.

Here are our most recent favourites:


Videos that will make you want to get in the saddle and ride:


Trek’s Closer Than We Know

Earlier this year, Oakley’s Bud Reeder and Skratch Labs chef Lentine Alexis set out to find the connection they had been missing. They wanted, as Lentine put it, “to breathe meaning into our lives in a time when we felt powerless.” They turned, naturally, to the bicycle.

They set their sights on a challenge of epic proportions—an eight-day stage race across some of the world’s most grueling mountain bike terrain — while partnering with Qhubeka and World Bicycle Relief, to help more women use the bicycle as a tool to carve their own paths in life in Africa.

Liv’s Actually I can

Inspiration and female empowerment in one? Well done, Liv! This video not only inspires you to ride, it’s loaded with powerful messages: You can achieve dreams, you can be proud of who you are, you can live your dreams, you can own your journey, you can

Specialized’s Adventure Dispatch featuring Sarah Swallow

“You have to look at life in terms of you’ve only got so much time on this earth and how are you going to spend that time?” – asks adventurer Sarah Swallow in this Specialized Adventure Dispatch video. And for Swallow, the answer is on the bike, exploring new places to ride and seeing the world from the seat of a bicycle.

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