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  • sc3pilot

    What is with the total lack of transparency coming from UCI and professional race teams lately? The public STILL has not seen any proof of Femke’s alleged motorbike, and there’s no video anywhere of this alleged drafting violation.

    Lack of transparency insinuates fraud and corruption, and so I guess we should not be at all surprised to have a complete lack of transparency from UCI.

    • Scott Sissons

      Femke has acknowledged that the bike had a motor in it… Does the UCI have to send the bike on a world tour so the masses can inspect for themselves. Furthermore, This doesn’t need to be on video for him to be punished for it. Race officials could witness it and still take action against him. UCI is far from perfect, but I really don’t you making these two issues anything special to rally against the UCI over.

    • Peter Odegaard

      Conspiracy theories and hating on governing bodies is fun but check your facts. I watched this happen live on cycling.tv

    • Alex

      Lance was clean! The moon landing was fake! Bush did 9/11! LBJ had Kennedy killed!

      You know you sound insane when you reply about her case in a post that has nothing to do about it?

      • ZigaK

        never heard LBJ one before. Good stuff :)

    • Tony

      Dude, take off your tin foil hat.

    • You should doubt, remember how Pantani was ruined by a corrupt move. I searched everywhere for the video and is not online

    • Phillip Mercer

      If you watched the stage in question, he was shown drafting multiple times and the commentators mentioned it 3 or 4 times. At one point there were two riders drafting Ludvigsson.
      If you’ve seen the stage it’s pretty obvious. Yes, the UCI can lack transparency but I’m not sure why you chose this penalty as it was all shown on TV.

    • Daniel

      Mate it was on the race coverage numerous times, the commentators all saw it. Pretty sure it was Henk Vogels that he said he should be DQ’d

      • Dave

        And it would have been that race vision (specifically, the individual camera recordings rather than the live edit) which the UCI Commissaires’ panel used to calculate the 6:48 penalty.

        The penalty would have been for 12 km of sitting on a rider at an average speed of 45 km/h, or more accurately 12x the 34 second penalty applicable for 1000 metres of drafting at 45 km/h as the table goes no further than 1000 metres.

    • MercyMerc

      I have no clue what race you were watching, but in America beIN sports showed the drafting several times over the span of about 25 minutes. One of the commentators even said, “Hello? There is a TV cameraman right BEHIND YOU!!!”

  • jules

    I’ll bet he told Konyshev to stick it

    • martin

      yep, don’t mess with Dimitri

  • Dave

    Good move by the team to withdraw him. They obviously have no control over him, which is a huge problem for a rider who they would be depending on to work for their GC leader over the next two weeks.

    • CapeHorn

      I may not be the biggest Katusha fan, but this goes a long way to show me they want to show they have integrity (that, and it also shows there rider they are not f***ing around, which as you say, might be something else they want to say.)

  • George Darroch

    I wonder if it was drafting or something else. Still, this is a step towards integrity for a tarnished team.

  • Andy B

    Would love to know what he was thinking/wanting to happen after being so obvious about it?

    • martin

      It was really odd to see wasn’t it? I’m sure he would have had a DS screaming in his ear and must have been aware of the motorbike filming.

  • Il_falcone

    This looks like a move from Team Katusha to show what a honest and upright team they are with high morale standards. But reading the comments here that kind of transparent propaganda obviously works in the intended way. Or he has done something way more embarrassing to the team which renders him useless for them in this race.

  • Kenny Traving

    So, was Tsatevich the only one? I counted at least 10 riders who were slipstreaming during the TT. How many were penalized?

    • MercyMerc

      The commisseurs will turn a little bit of a blind eye to a little bit of slipstreaming, the issue is that Tcatevich did so for over 12ks and gained enough time to have caught his own minute man. The fact that he only got a tiny fine and the big time punishment is a joke, that fine should have been much more.

      • Dave

        The fine is as it is laid out in the UCI regulations. If they want to increase the fines for WorldTour riders, they will need to update the regulations.

    • Derek Maher

      Yes there was more than rider slipstreaming and some of the coverage showed 3 or more riders doing a team TT still someone always gets selected for the gallows as an example. Team Katusha sending their rider home was a PR move and its up to them if they felt OK losing a rider seeing their GC contender is trailing.

  • J Evans



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