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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • Andy B

    Very cool :) curious how much it weighs?

  • alfie

    Beautiful! Congrats! Curious to what geometry differences if any does Sacha suggest for CX versus his road geometry?

  • Oh my lord.

  • Sean parker

    ‘I honestly find myself wondering why we moved away from steel in the first place.’

    ‘Speedvagen framesets start at $3750’

    There’s your answer. Mass produced CF frames have more bang for your buck and its hard to convince a punter that a bespoke steel bike might be the last bike frame he/she ever needs.

    the churn in bike wheel/BB standards might deter some from splashing out as well.

    But, beaut bike – though I find the seat post somewhat bulbous.

    • Avuncular

      Yes I agree although I’ll ride my now 8 year old custom steel into the sunset. ISPs are also an aesthetic if not practical fail esp for travel. An obviously well made frame with some very nice detail but the loud ENVE wheel graphics detract from the otherwise lovely paint job. It becomes too busy. Good to see a decent frame pump too.

    • Todd!

      3 seasons on a steel CX bike and the only things that have failed are my carbon bits :-P

      • Sean parker

        Gee, cx racing must be pretty rough.
        I’ll take this anecdote to my next mtb race.
        I’m sure that everyone will be trading in their carbon frames straight away.

        • Todd!

          I dunno either… No suspension to soften the blows/absorb power through BB?

          Not many pros are hanging on to old carbon bikes.

          • Sean parker

            I don’t think that the experience of pros has any bearing uponit. Most riding in the world is done by amateurs. The amateur ranks are replete with carbon.

            I see broken frames reasonably often some are carbon some are aluminium and some are Ti. if you exceed any material beyond its tolerances it will break, that’s for sure. Your experience says nothing about carbon for the general population.

            You could probably buy two or three Giant, or equivalent, CX frames for the price of a speedvagen. they will be lighter and quite possibly be more compliant. That’s why people buy carbon bikes.

      • Steel

        The only thing on this speedvagen that isn’t carbon is the frame. If it was in any way as good a material as carbon, the wheels, crank, stem, bars, seatpost and saddle would made from it.

        • Actually – the seat tube is carbon.

  • Mark Blackwell

    That’s a beautiful bike (I’m struggling mightily to look beyond the frame pump). How does the rear disc brake attach to the frame? Looks like it’s somehow upside down… is that the road disc standard? Very neat and unobtrusive in any case.

    • Nate

      There’s a neat little bolt attaching it (indeed “upside-down”) to the underside/inside of the seat stay. So very neat, and since the bolt is loaded mostly in shear (not in tension) that it shouldn’t have a negative impact on the stiffness or durability of the mount.

  • martin

    my goodness, that is lovely

  • DaGoose

    Lovely looking machine but I really really want to see pics of it dirty, seat stays and forks clogged with mud. Brake guides and internal routing looks super tidy too… but what are those inline adjusters on the brake lines?

  • Rex Lombardi

    One of the hottest CX bikes in ages.


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017