The story of a small Aussie brand taking on the cycling shoe industry

Here at CyclingTips we’re excited to bring you the latest shoes from Bont Cycling, the 2016 Vaypor+, available through the CyclingTips Emporium. We’re also giving you the (optional) opportunity to add custom embroidery for that extra bling factor in the bunch.

Bont’s Vaypor+ is a highly technical luxury cycling shoe featuring kangaroo leather and cow hide for a super plush feel (all leather used in the shoes is sourced as a byproduct from meat production). We spoke to Steven Nemeth, CEO at Bont Cycling, about the brand and what makes the shoes so unique.

“We’re a small Aussie company that just works really, really hard,” Steven told us. “I wear lots of hats – I change them regularly, every hour.”

Before turning to cycling, the Bont name was highly regarded in the world of speed skating, being among the first brands to add kevlar, fibreglass, and carbon to its skates. Bont was making full-carbon ice skates in the 1980s, long before the material became a mainstay in bike manufacturing.

Seeing the links between skating and cycling – including the need for a stiff performance shoe to maximise efficiency and power – the Bont family approached Steven, asking him to develop a cycling range.

“They had a really interesting story when it came to the resin and the carbon, and that was really what got me involved,” Steven told us. “Just having a heat sensitive resin that could be moulded at a low temperature, for a customised foot shape and fit. We just grew from there.”

Bont Cycling started making track shoes, which were great on the track but didn’t translate well to the road. This is where Steven came in, adapting the fit to suit the needs of road riders.

“We came away with six gold medals from the first Olympics we were involved in.”

When you put a Bont shoe next to others on the market, the differences are very clear.

“Everybody looks at our shoe shape and says ‘That’s not how everybody else’s shoes are shaped’,” Steven said. “That can be challenging when you are so unique.”

Steven says this unique shape is the result of Bont putting anatomy before aesthetics (even though the brand’s unique look now has a strong following).

Steven fondly remembers some of the bigger names who have won in Bont’s unique shoes, including Thor Hushovd (2010 World Championships), Bradley Wiggins (2012 Tour de France) and Rui Costa (2013 World Championships), to name just a few.

And now you can get your own set of Bont’s Vaypor+, at the CyclingTips Emporium.

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