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  • Derek Maher

    Brilliant stage to watch and the weather was kind.Although it must have been hell for many riders. I love the GIRO.

    • Tamerahgeorge1

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    • claude cat

      There’s been lots of rumours that Nibali is leaving Astana at the end of the year.

      • Dave

        Most of those rumours are linking him to the Riis-Seier outfit.

  • Saeba R.

    @2:32 seems a replacement for Phil Liggett has been found!

    • Dom

      Eurosport commentary wasn’t much better, dead set unprofessional for the commentators not to know how far the line was from that last corner. Keenen and McEwan got it spot on again, well done to SBS for going to the effort to get them on commentary. It’ll be a good day when I no longer have to listen the total bs Liggett and Sherwan and co produce.

      • Saeba R.

        We owe Ligg&Sher a debt for their years of service building the sport in the English world. We should be giving them a dignified exit. Bring them to the races to conduct interviews chat with the public etc.

        McEwan in particular has been a fantastic surprise. Obviously a cunning rider but never used to speak eloquently in post race interviews IMHO.

        • Dom

          I have little to no respect for them due to their years of worship at the church of lance. I refuse to believe that liggett (at least) didn’t know pharmstrong and the whole of postal/discovery were running a huge doping program, and yet he was still happy to pile on anyone who dared speak the truth. Never forget people like him who either were complicit or didn’t bother (or want) to hold cheats accountable nearly destroyed the professional aspect of the sport (and still might).

          I’d agree mcewan didn’t give the best interviews, but his commentary of Caleb Ewan and the technical aspects of lining up a sprint the other night was some of the best commentary i’ve heard, although maybe not great for those not following Ewan.

          • Saeba R.

            Yeah I hadn’t considered the who LA thing – and have not formed an opinion of it myself. For sure he would have been informed directly be the riders. It really wasn’t much of a secret.

            Re McEwan: By interviews I meant back when he was racing – hope that was clear? His commentary is superb.


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