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  • jon

    Sorry to tag on the political undertone, but I’m really stoke to see the flag next to Huang’s name is the appropriate flag; not some BS Chinese Taipei Olympic flag.

    • Judyspitts4

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  • Derek Maher

    Another class report Jeanine. I see the girls had the usual downpour on a stage of this race.
    Great to see all went well in the event.

  • James Belford

    Chloe Hosking, what a legend. ‘Baracked’ for Chloe since I watched her take the intermediate sprint in a St Kilda crit last year, made me laugh how much power she put down. Makes you want to get on your own bike and ride really fast. This should make Channel 10 news, seriously.

    • Jeanine Laudy

      She really is inspiring, isn’t she? A great ambassador for the sport!

  • ML

    Taiwanese born, American raised amateur here and VERY fun to see Huang take 2 wins in a world-class field.

    • Jeanine Laudy

      World class act by Huang indeed!

    • jon

      So Taiwanese media is reporting that both Cannondale Cylance and Hitec made contact with Huang’s team/ agent. Fingers crossed, I’d love to see her move onto the big league!!!!


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