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  • Dave

    Spectacular stage with action all round, well done to the young guy for making the right move and getting the reward.

    Brambilla only increased his stature in my books, if you’re going to lose the race lead you may as well swing a few heavy punches as you go down.

    For me, the only thing missing was that Amador blew up and fell short of claiming the race lead. He’s a classy rider and I would love to have seen that move work.

    • Chucky Beans

      I was confused by the Movistar tactics at the end: did Amador blow up? The Eurosport call said he’d been called back to haul Valverde. In which case, I don’t get the tactic of sending him ahead and not letting him try for the pink jersey.

      • J Evans

        Visconti was pulled back to help Amador (not Amador pulled back to help Valverde).
        The final climb was about 5%, so drafting helps quite a lot – thus the large group of GC contenders pulled back the time on Amador, who was largely working alone. Movistar should probably have pulled Visconti back a bit sooner (he only dropped to Amador in the final 2k).

        • Chucky Beans

          Ahh. That makes sense. Shouldn’t watch the Giro while I should be working…too hard to focus properly…on the giro.

          • Dave

            I wouldn’t have put it past the Eurosport commentators to have mixed it up for you.

            Imagine how good a commentator King Kelly could be if he tried doing it sober one day?

  • J Evans

    Great teamwork by Brambilla – hugely impressive sacrifice.
    Bardiani always do it – they certainly know how to pick a rider.

    • Yep, that’s two years in a row they’ve won stage 10 of the Giro with a largely unknown rider!

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  • Nick Clark

    Interesting discussion point – would Etixx have kept pink if Brambilla hadn’t pulled that turn on the front? After all, only 26 seconds in it in the end. Very, very classy…


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