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  • MattHurst

    Good article, I would love to see something like this in Australia, I have tried a number of methods (I work in an all girls educational environment) from availability, bike ed, better access, but it is a terrifically long journey without support and funding. Changing an existing culture for non participation is another hurdle. Getting healthy exercise while being able to socialise in a peloton is a perfect forum for continuing healthy activity. An outside group like this could be what we need here in Aus.

    • Simone Giuliani

      As the mother of a mountain biking girl I couldn’t agree more Matt. My daughter is lucky enough to be surrounded by many female cycling role models, but even then it made such a difference when Cycling Victoria started their schools racing series and she got to race against a group of girls around her own age for the first time ever. She went from being a little interested in racing to being incredibly excited as this was racing meant for her – not a place where she felt like an outsider. This to me is why girls-only programs are so valuable.

    • Bobster

      Kids cycling is 90% participation, 10% organisation.

      In Victoria, there are events every week covering Track, Road & MTB and many organisations (eg. Cycling Victoria) and clubs support junior cycling. and increasing their funding is as easy as signing up for a licence and joining a club. Junior licences (AUS) are not expensive ($30), and provides access to events all year round and (often) cover insurance.

      I’m sure cycling clubs would welcome stronger associations with schools and other groups such as pro teams. And with juniors, creating a safe and inclusive environment for both girls and boys that maintains the fun element is key. They always need more volunteers.

      Sign up and have a go.

      (My daughter (9) and I are avid cyclists, and are happy to help)

  • Linda Feltes

    I am on the same mission, to get more women and girls out biking with me. I designed a bicape– a bicycling cape for women (and girls). Most are reflective. They provide sun protection, and some are of warmer fabrics for year-round cyclists. If Little Bellas was interested, I could work with each girl to design a personal logo for their own cape.


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