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Daily News Digest

by Matt de Neef

May 2, 2016


In today’s edition of the CT Daily News Digest: Quintana wins the Tour de Romandie, Albasini takes the final stage; Jose Concalves wins the Tour of Turkey, another stage win for Jakub Mareczko; Thomas Voeckler wins the Tour de Yorkshire with final-stage victory; Alexander Kristoff takes out the Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt; Kasia Niewiadoma solos to overall victory at Festival Elsy Jacobs; Kirsten Wild wins the women’s Tour de Yorkshire; Kate Perry wins the Mersey Valley Tour; Simon Yates avoids provisional ban after anti-doping positive; John Degenkolb returns to racing in Germany; Cycle speedway racing – roller derby on bikes?; Carnage at the Red Hook Crit.

Quintana wins the Tour de Romandie, Albasini takes the final stage

by Matt de Neef

Nairo Quintana (Movistar) has won the Tour de Romandie in Switzerland over the weekend, holding on to the overall lead he took when he won the stage 2 uphill finish late last week.

Quintana went into Saturday’s penultimate stage with a 23-second lead over time trial winner Thibaut Pinot (FDJ) before finishing fifth to stay at the top of the leaderboard. The stage was won by Sky’s Chris Froome who had got in a move with Tejay van Garderen (BMC) in the final 50km before attacking solo with a little more than 7km to go on the stage-ending climb. A group containing Quintana finished just four seconds behind.

And on stage 5, the final day of racing, Michael Albasini (Orica-GreenEdge) continued his impressive run at his home race, winning the day from a breakaway. The Swiss veteran got in an early 10-man move — which also included previous stage winner Chris Froome — before joining Carlos Verona (Etixx-QuickStep) and Wilco Kelderman (LottoNL-Jumbo) in a three-rider escape with less than 20km to go.

The bunch was just a few seconds behind in the final kilometre when a crash at the front of the field stalled its progress. Albasini’s sprint was enough to hold off a late surge to win the stage while Quintana finished in the peloton to secure his overall victory.

Final Classification: > - Stage Result

Sunday 1st May 2016

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Movistar Team
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PINOT Thibaut
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Movistar Team

Today’s feature image comes from Cor Vos and shows John Degenkolb at the Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt, the German’s first race in 2016. Notice the splint on his left index finger, a finger he nearly lost in a training crash earlier this year.

  • martin

    Those Redhook Crits are novel and do tend to glorify the danger of riding on circuits that probably aren’t so well suited to track bikes but that pile up was ridiculous.

    • Nitro

      Best ad agency in the world couldn’t do a better job of promoting the benefits of racing on Zwift…

      • martin

        It’s funny you mention Zwift as I’m half expecting Rockstar Games to come out with a GTA style video game at some point

        • GTA V has a bunch of bikes in it and they’re actually reasonably fun to ride! Warning: coarse language. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRUpniTj0PY

          • Dave

            Crossover opportunities? Perhaps Zwift could have a guy slowly cruising around Watopia on a Colnago C60 with Super Record or a moto-doped Wilier?

    • Flag marshalls like they have car racing on corners might help give some warning to riders behind.

      • jules

        so they can hit the brakes :)

        • Fixes don’t have brakes! Perhaps they should all have disc brakes! :-P

          • John Murphy

            Mine does! Only the front though which is fine.

      • Dave

        If the UCI can’t handle that, there’s no hope for a cowboy crit going there.

        • John Murphy

          What’s ironic about the “cowboy crit” jab (whatever that’s supposed to mean) is that professional cattle herders would probably be good at herding cyclists too.

  • martin

    Does the OGE team doctor get any kind of punishment for making a mistake like that? Or is it just a slap on the wrist?

    • jules

      the responsibility ultimately falls on the rider. there is an inexhaustible list of doctors who could be used to take the rap for doping riders, if it meant the rider could continue competing.

      • Neil

        True, but I’d seperate the WADA processes here with how OGE handle this going forward. If I was Shayne Bannan/Gerry Ryan or even Simon Yates and the doctor was supposed to put in a TUE and didn’t, and as a result has created this mess, I’d be looking to move him on. The team has suffered massive amounts of negative publicity and Yates will have doubts over him for the rest of his career. That’s if it is a doctor mistake.

        • jules

          I was responding from WADA’s perspective. I agree, the team won’t be happy. the doc will be lucky to keep his/her job. it’s a massive stuff up.

          • Neil

            Agree. On another note, it’s nice to have considered, sensible discussion after the trolls on road disks and athletes with asthma.

            • martin

              hear, hear!

            • Yeah, what was that all about? :S

              • Dave

                Has someone cleaned up the comments on the asthma article yet?

          • Abdu

            But you’d keep Matt White and Neil Stephens on the team. Ok then.

      • ebbe

        Just as there is an endless amount of potential “friends of the family” who could take the rap for installing the motor? ;-)

    • Nathman

      Pretty sure he’ll get a stern talking to from OGE Management but if you’re the team doc you’re probably on great terms with everyone and have far more hits than misses within the team. Slap on the wrist perhaps but you shouldn’t hang someone for what seems like an admin error.

      • Neil

        Disagree. This is a major mistake. Yates will have doubts over him for the rest of his career and potential sponsors will be running for the hills.

        • Dave

          Orica-YourNameCouldGoHere already has big problems with sponsorship. The presence of Orica’s toxic name is solely responsible for no company wanting to pick up the secondary naming rights deal which has been vacant for over four years now.

          Once Orica confirms that their deal will not be extended beyond the end of 2017 (the shareholders are pissed enough with the board already and they are heading towards a ‘strike’ on the next remuneration vote) the team should easily be able to pick up a couple of solid sponsorships for 2018 which will comfortably replace Orica.

          A rider getting a 3-4 month ban or a reprimand for an administrative mistake which will be forgotten by the end of the year is barely even a bump in the road for a team which – apart from the Orica issue – has comfortably the most positive profile in the sport.

          • Neil

            Agree they have big problems with sponsorship, big call that it’s Orica is the reason for it. Guess we’ll see.

            • Dave

              Orica has a low enough profile that for the average Aussie who never looks into things it’s just as meaningless a name as Ag2r or Jumbo or Cofidis is to Australians. The problem for the team is that any potential sponsor does do their due diligence.

              Well it could be a bit worse, perhaps 2018 will see them under the banner of BP-Monsanto.

          • Nathman

            I second your final point

      • martin

        I totally agree mistakes can, and often are made but I was just curious if there was repercussions beyond from within the team for this kind of thing. I’m sure the OGE management (and Yates) will have some choice words for them.

    • donncha

      Just so we’re all clear, because I know I misread it at first, Yates is still facing a doping ban, he’s just free to race while the process drags on.

      • martin

        I missed the “provisional” bit at first as well. Hopefully it doesn’t drag on too long but history would suggest a long winded process

        • Dave

          The team can speed up the process by pleading guilty instead of requesting the B Sample, and voluntarily accepting an immediate provisional suspension which would allow any eventual sanction to be backdated to the start of the provisional suspension.

          With all the applicable discounts for having a greatly reduced level of fault and complete cooperation with the process, they should be able to get the applicable sanction down to about 3 months or even just the time served on provisional suspension plus a reprimand.

          The last cycling positive for Terbutaline was Vegard Bugge last year, and adjudged worthy of only four months by the UCI.

          • JBS

            Surely the team can’t be stupid enough to plead not guilty and request the B sample be tested? They’ve already acknowledged he took the drug both in the media and (supposedly) on the testing paperwork. To turn around and try and deny it would only make the situation worse for all involved.

            Their only course of action has to be to follow through and hope that Yates gets a slap on the wrist suspension.

            • Dave

              The team owner Gerry Ryan mentioned the B sample in his statement. He shouldn’t have spoken to the media though, that should have been left to the team management.

              Accepting a provisional suspension now (while Yates is not racing) is the best way to get on the front foot with the UCI process and shaming them into dealing with it quickly.

              There’s not ‘hope’ involved in getting a short suspension, if they do even a half competent job of laying out their actions the worst he could get under the WADA code will be 6 months. If they do an excellent job he’ll get only a reprimand and the time served on provisional suspension.

              • JBS

                Agree Gerry shouldn’t spoken out, although I do tend to agree with Gerry’s central point that these things shouldn’t be leaked to the media before due process has been done. All that leads to is trial by social media, which seems to be the modern equivalent of lynch mobs.

                Cannot for the life of me comprehend requesting the B sample be tested. By doing that you are challenging the first test, implying that no he didn’t have the drug in his system. What’s the point of doing that if you noted its use on the paperwork? All it will do is reduce the chances of a cut in suspension.

                Sorry, by hope I meant that was what the team should aim for, not implying that they need to be lucky to get it. If Yates got more than a 6 month suspension including time served, I can see CAS getting involved on appeal.

                • Dave

                  The team statement out of Varese did a quite adequate job of soberly addressing the disappointment, and Gerry didn’t need to say anything – he should have contacted Bradley Wiggins for some media avoidance tips. If they needed anyone to face the press in person (they didn’t) it should have been Shayne Bannan or their regular press officer.

                  The team should be aiming for a reprimand only, and go to CAS if they get a day more than four months. They would probably win at CAS too, as the UCI can’t afford to fund a fight at the moment.

  • Marcus

    Did anyone else read “Katy Perry”?

    • Dave

      I kissed a podium girl and I liked it.

      • Sadiejhoy1

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  • Dave

    The UCI has released a well-considered statement on testing for motors – http://www.uci.ch/pressreleases/uci-statement-technological-fraud-tests/

    That comfortably kicks the Stade 2 beatup into the long grass.

  • JessMc

    Matt de Neef have you not heard of the Findon Skid Kids? – Adelaide Legends! http://www.cyclespeedway.asn.au/

  • velocite

    It was great to see Michael Albasini get that stage win, he really puts in.

    (But why were the stage results not included in ‘Full Results’?)

    • Dave

      You have to click on the Stage 5 link. It’s how ProCyclingStats roll, they treat the final stage and the overall results as separate events.

      @mattdeneef:disqus – could be good to include the PCS widget for both the final stage and the overall results in future editions of the Rocacorba Daily when you are reporting on the final day of a stage race.

      • velocite

        Thanks, I’ve never noticed those stage links.

  • david__g

    Why did they need a lead moto on a short, closed circuit? In case the ding dongs racing around at high speeds with no brakes got lost?


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