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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017

Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

May 10, 2016

In today’s CT Daily News Digest: Team Colombia riders owed 2015 wages will finally receive money this month; Peraud has no memory of Giro crash; Kimmage: In disturbing times for Nicolas Roche and cycling, has the landscape after Lance Armstrong really changed?; Powless defends, Abott takes over USA Cycling Pro Road Tour lead; UCI lifts provsional suspension of Eduard Vorganov; Chad Haga Journal: The Giro in March; Hansen continues Grand Tour streak at Giro; Cycling Australia launches ‘Strategy 2020’; New London mayor Sadiq Khan must follow through on cycling promises, s; Video: Orica-GreenEdge backstage pass – Giro/Mother’s Day edition; Video: Giro rest day #1 with Dimension Data

Team Colombia riders owed 2015 wages will finally receive money this month

by Shane Stokes

Riders left short of their salaries by the now defunct Team Colombia will finally be paid in the coming weeks. The former team riders have been chasing salaries for many months, with long-running issues putting many under difficult financial circumstances in 2015 and the first few months of this year.

A source who has been assisting riders in the matter indicated recently to CyclingTips that progress has been made. On Monday he confirmed that riders had been told that they would receive the money before the end of May.

Separately, one of those who competed for the team indicated that the UCI had said the matter would be settled as soon as possible.

The UCI has told the rider that it has received the bank guarantee required by all squads when registering teams. It stated that this money will be paid out before the end of the month.

The Colombian-sponsored, Italian-managed squad was beset by salary delays in the past. Further reports of such delays cropped up last autumn, although the riders were reluctant to speak out.

Click through to read more at CyclingTips.

Today’s feature image comes from Kristof Ramon showing the giant version of the Giro d’Italia trophy as it parades by in the promotion caravan.

  • Robert Merkel

    I had a look at Cycling Australia’s 2020 strategy.

    All that they appear to have released publicly is a one page brochure with some interesting ambitions – not least, to become more of a membership based organization by attracting non-competitive rec riders.

    I think that’s a reasonable aspiration, but a difficult one. Historically, CA is an organization run by elite ex-trackies for elite trackies, and the broader membership has been an afterthought, let alone the broader non-competitive recreational riding community. There’s also the little matter of Bicycle Network, which (though it has its faults) is focused squarely on that much larger group of non-competitive rec riders.

    As such, the aspirations are nice, but what’s more important is how they’re going to achieve them, and there’s obviously no room in the brochure for that.

    Are they going to put out a more comprehensive strategy document in public?

    • Robert Merkel

      Here’s what CA had to say on Twitter when I asked them whether they’d release a more comprehensive document. “later”, apparently.

      • Marc

        I’m gonna be a billionaire by 2018. I will have a cure for all cancer by 2019 and will have established world peace in 2020. I have no idea how I’m gonna do all this, but I’m very happy to let you all know that I have completed the first stage.

        • Dave

          You’re obviously a rookie and your plan is doomed to fail.

          Go for world peace in 2019, the development of your cancer cure will go easier without having to look over your shoulder for ISIS or Putin or Trump.

  • Arfy

    It’s good to see CA having a Strategic Plan with goals of higher membership and a set surplus target, no doubt this is what was missing under past administration. I have confidence that CA is on a path to determine their own fate, independent of the funding sources that restrict them now. However I do wonder how Rio 2016 can form any part of the new strategy, surely there is little to no influence the strategy could possibly have with the Olympics only a couple of months away. Wouldn’t it make more sense to set target goals for Tokyo 2020?

  • Callum Dwyer

    CA strategic plan seems light on detail.

  • Avuncular

    Good to see Boardman using his standing to actively pursue cycling as transport. Something we don’t see enough of in Oz whether they be an ex pro or not. It may include high profile pollies, current or not who ride, willing to standup and articulate sound policies to government who are mostly pro car.

    • Waylon

      Stephen Hodge does a lot of cycling advocacy in Oz. This cyclingtips article was before his confession, but I spoke to him after and he is a very articulate cycling advocate. A shame we lost him from CA.


      • Robert Merkel

        Lot of respect for Hodge, both for his advocacy work and admitting to doping when he didn’t have to (as I understand it).

  • Nathan

    The CA Strategic Plan is needed, but their efforts in years past do not fill me with confidence in their ability to implement it successfully. CA has repeatedly extended itself beyond it’s core role of sports administration (think race promotion etc) and failed miserably. It is the state federations and clubs who ultimately suffer when the dollars are wasted at the national level. The move to try and milk the cash cow of the commuters and social riders could work, but it risks losing the focus on racing and perhaps even watering down the work already done by the many existing advocacy organisations. Diversify, sure….but only when you have mastered your core business.

  • jules

    we should listen to Kimmage, but I think he’s struggling to maintain his voice in modern cycling. I’m not saying it’s clean, but it’s unfair to imply the silence of pro cyclists on doping is evidence of complicity or Omerta. what’s Roche supposed to write about? his disgust at fellow cyclists testing positive or being under suspicion? we’ve all had work colleagues who’ve suffered disgrace. it certainly wasn’t my first reaction to broadcast my opinion on their behaviour and plight. I understand why riders may choose to stick to mundane topics on day-to-day life in the peloton.

    • Andy Logan

      Bored of Kimmage, never has anything positive to say ever and all his topics focus on the negative. As opposed to writing something balanced which then highlights what can be improved he just focuses on what’s wrong and doesn’t offer any solutions or give any ideas. I still feel he has a chip on his shoulder about the past lies.

    • martin

      Absolutely. Ultimately it is Roche’s profession and if we were all to sit and pick apart all the things wrong with our jobs I don’t think anyone would get out of bed in the morning.

    • david

      It seems to me that the point of his article is to draw attention to the news of U14 and U16 riders taking caffeine and having an adverse reaction. I think he’s trying to tie that back to the image of professionals cyclists as role models, which I found thought provoking as a parent. I agree bringing Nicolas Roche into it turns towards negative rant territory, and so perhaps the article isn’t that well written, but I can see what he’s trying to say.

    • Neil

      I thought his article was absolute dribble. It’s all very well to be a whistleblower, but some of his insinuations are quite ridiculous, and ignore evidence or qualification. Old man shouting at clouds.

  • Steve Price

    CA’s strategic plan is a great PR exercise in that it appears they are doing something but come on is that it? What about building a sport from the ground up not the top down. The amount of money spent on elite coaching and high performance as opposed to the meager amount spent on grass roots and NRS level is criminal. It seems pretty straight forward to me. Build a healthy domestic scene that encourages participation and industry investment and the rest will take care of itself. Too much grand standing from Nick Green without any action. A national series in crisis which will see investment leave the sport and teams fold and this is what they come up with. Give me strength!

  • Zero Handups

    Nice to see a comprehensive CA 2020 strategic plan….meanwhile here in 2016 less than a month out, we can’t even get a yes or no as to whether a national CX series is even going ahead!

    Yes I realise CX is now being ‘governed’ by MTBA…

    • jules

      there are some significant problems there

  • GIRO d’ITALIA is about to commence the Italian section of the 2016 Edition . Whilst at the 2015 edition last year , i spoke with Mauro ( Chief Exec of Giro ) about the NEED for a ” Rear Sticker on ALL Vehicles ACCREDITED ” > He advised that he would ” consider ” this for 2016 ! Anyone seen EVEN ONE on a Team Vehicle ?

    UNTIL ” UCI ” gets it’s house in order , NO Event Organiser , will insist on SAFETY Campaigns , to ensure YOU & I will be able to use the roads without ” Misgivings ” for OUR SAFETY !

    John Burke of TREK , whilst in Taipie for the BIKE INDUSTRY , ” Bragged ” about , how little was spent on those that bought THEIR Product ! IF , it was not a ” BRAG ‘, then WHY has NO Other Bike Manufacturer been speaking out , about THEIR EFFORTS , to ensure buyers of THEIR Product SURVIVE the roads ?

    AS a ” MINORITY of ONE “, i can only point out Websites , that are persuing ” Safety for People on BIKES ” , whilst they daily endure the Traffic Hazards provided by Politicians , that happily accept lobbying by the Motor Lobby !

    Cycle Race Teams & Individual Racers , happily POSE with ” VisionZeroWorldWide Placards ” , yet FAIL to ADD these Photos to THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA ~!

    ONLY WHEN , the readers here , request that they do , will WE , People on BIKES , get their assistance ! When they are not Racing , they are using the SAME ROADS that you have to use DAILY ! Public Highways , Country Lanes and Suburban Streets are PAID for with YOUR Taxes , NOT by the Vehicle Drivers alone !

    Show me the country whose roads are paid for by Vehicle Taxes , that is not a 3rd World Country !

    Australia is about to go to the Polls and in the lead up , the Government has placed many Adverts about the Road system . However , little mention is made about OBESITY , other than to complain about the Hospital Costs . Even the ” Jackasses that are responsible for the latest NSW State Punitive IMPOSTS on Cyclists that ” Flout Laws ” , were trying to have a 15% GST imposed , so that they could FUND the blowout in their State OBESITY & DIABETES Health Expenses !

    NO CYCLIST should be ” Flouting Laws “, BUT , actively targeting ” People on BIKES ” , whilst allowing Vehicles to be on the Streets UNINSURED & UNTAXED , demonstrates a BIAS against a section of the Population , that is trying to remain HEALTHY !

    NSW Government makes Money out of each Litre of Fuel sold , YET , does that income match outgoings for Health Expenses brought about by unhealthy ” LifeStyles ” ?

    As a ” Minority of ONE ” , i call on ALL Teams racing the Giro d’ITALIA , to ensure that ALL THEIR RACERS , ADD Cycling SAFETY PLACARDS to ALL their Social media !

    Alberto Contador has POSED with ” Placards ” , AND , posted the photos through HIS Social Media ? How Many OTHER RACERS , have done so ?

    As the Racers ride in the next days , THEY CAN DECIDE to ensure that whilst TRAINING ON THE ROADS , they are SAFER ! IF , they ensure THEIR SAFETY , then PEOPLE ON BIKES will ALSO BENEFIT !

    Has @MarcelKittel responded to my tweets & used the Photos i included ? IF NOT . WHY NOT ? His former Team mates including John DegenHolb & Chad Haga were victims of Traffic Violence in 2016 , no doubt they were the recipient of his Best Wishes for Recovery , YET , have ANY of these RACERS spoken out on SAFETY ISSUES ?

    Week one of the Oz Election Campaign , shows BOTH Major Party Leaders out running , BUT , unless WE , the VOTERS remind them that WE ARE AT RISK , will they deign to HELP US ?

    PLACARDS for Cycling Safety are available on the following Sites :

    1/ https://www.facebook.com/SafeCyclingAustralia

    2/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/stopkillingcyclists

    3/ https://www.facebook.com/stayinaliveat1.5

    4/ https://www.facebook.com/Vision-ZERO-Worldwide-540123632761709

    5/ https://www.facebook.com/amygillettfoundation

    6/ https://aseasyasridingabike.wordpress.com

    • Neil

      Umm, okay.

    • Cam

      My eyes hurt just looking at that wall of words and it’s use of the CAPS LOCK.

    • TV Time Tommy

      Just, wow.

    • jules

      I will put some of your stickers on stuff if you just stop it with the CAPS LOCK rants

      • Dave

        I would consider putting them on cars parked in bike lanes.

    • Dave

      This is almost making me nostalgic for the McLaren P1 spammer.

  • Gavin Adkins

    If you have a look at the Cycling Australia Annual Reports you’ll see that racing members are actually in decline. In 2013 there were 16,873 racing members and in 2015 there were 16,001 (U13 through Masters). The goal of 50,000 total members by 2020 is simply not going to come through racing members, but racing members are the reason Cycling Australia exists. Essentially if you want to race road or track in Australia, you have to be a member of Cycling Australia whether you like it or not. I want them to succeed and I want the sport to grow and I await the detailed strategy with interest, but this ‘flyer’ does not really add up to me. I would have thought that arresting the decline in racing members and restoring/building the credibility of the organisation with existing members would be the first orders of business. So far we have seen very little on either of those fronts.

    • Cam

      Given the trend on racing licence fees the one thing they have done is increase revenue through that stream even with the decline in memberships.

      • De Mac

        They may have increased their revenue, but the very stringent and inflexible annual licence model (ie, no 3-month, or even 6-month option), with its considerable cost, is inhibiting quite a number of cyclists who would love to race for part of the season – such as over Summer, but wear out the 3-race licence very quickly. Enabling these persons to sign up to a part-year race licence will further enhance the revenue stream, I mean, come on, it isn’t too hard to offer part-year options – all the licensing is done via computer, is it not???

  • Derek Maher

    Once more the WADA case and Meldonium rears its head. It seems WADA made a knee jerk reaction under pressure from some quarters over this prescription medication and failed to test the drug and its effects properly. Now the case of hundreds of European athletes is in limbo. Politic,s seems to have been the driving force behind this whole affair and reflects badly on the less than professional handling of this case.
    Kimmage once more is trying to get some publicity and his case looks more flimsy with each attempt. The guy needs to find another issue to write about or give up.


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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017