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  • gpop87

    Cool to see you guys are on Tableau :)

  • It would be interesting to see this same plot with the Y axis showing time behind the current leader instead of rank.

    • Nathan

      Agreed. It might confirm or put to rest any questions people have about individual performances. For instance, it is easy to think that Nibali’s last few days were incredible given his poorer form earlier, but it may be more about the comparative performance.

      • Dave

        Click on the VisualVelo link at the bottom of the story, it’s already there.

        It clearly shows:
        1. That Nibbles was fairly consistent throughout the race, apart from stages 14-16 when he had his GI bug.
        2. That the prime cause of the ‘comeback’ of Nibali was just Kruijswijk losing his big lead due to his handling error, with the others in the elite GC group all making roughly the same ‘gain’ as Nibali did.
        3. That the position swap of the top two on stage 20 was roughly in proportion to both Nibali’s previous good day and the previous bad days for Chaves.

        • Nathan

          Didn’t even notice the link! …points for observational skills : )

    • Mark Blackwell

      or alternately, use a log scale on both X and Y axes… moves amongst the top few are much more significant, especially towards the end of the race, and this presentation hides Nibali’s rise, which was THE story of the race.

      • Dave

        A log scale is a great idea! It would show even more clearly that the race was lost by Kruijswijk, not won by anyone else.

        • We’ll definitely take that on board. Lots of exciting stuff we’ll be able to do with these visualisations and we’re just getting started.


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