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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
  • Thanks guys for the review!

    • Daisydbristow3

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  • david

    Matt, I see on the Eleven Velo website the merino kit should be washed cold with mild detergent – did you find the special wash requirements to be an inconvenience at all? (I generally prefer to wash bike shorts warm in the interests of hygiene)

    How did the merino hold it’s shape after a few washes?

    • @David, we recommend cold wash but the material will happily go to ‘warm’ wash, so about 40 degrees. As for shape, I’ll let Matt answer that – I don’t want to sound bias but strangely with no one ever having asked, you are the second today!

    • I normally wash in cold water so this didn’t seem like a special requirement to me. The kit has been washed several times now but I haven’t noticed any change in the shape of the jersey or the shorts. The fit was so light to start with that I kept an eye on the pockets and they have held their shape perfectly.

  • Avuncular

    This has some appeal as I am tall but thin and bibs I buy are often too short in the leg. I like wool and remember it fondly but boy did it sag!

    • @Avuncular we’ve fitted a lot of guys like you, it’s a pretty easy fix! Sag? No Sir, this is modern Merino, no sagging here (or there) at all.

    • I didn’t experience any sag at all, even when the kit was wet. Eleven vélo’s choice of fabric is really very firm, as I’ve noted above, but it doesn’t compress the body. According to Eleven vélo’s website, custom inseam length will add just AU$5 to your order.

  • Spider

    From my time at RMIT textiles I believe that wool’s ability to retain body heat when wet is not able to be replicated by sythetics – which is why if you’re going to eventual get wet then having having wool next to the skin is the optimal solution.

    Thanks for the review Matt, really interesting – greatly different to the dozens of Australian companies that put a design on a garment and have it manufactured overseas, basically ordering a large custom job from one of the Italian companies (Santini, Giordana etc).

    • Stephen

      Do you have any papers/articles for lay persons, that describe how this works? I believe it my self but would like to understand some of the science behind the “magic”.

      • Spider


        just used the old google search….but it’s not newly acquired knowledge, been around for decades….even the sailors knew (not why however) although they had full wool which had the additional protection of the keratin oil which was like an exterior wax on their garments (that’s the cause of the wet dog smell on old thick jumpers).

        Air pockets that remain even when the fiber is soaked is the short answer.

        Hope that helps

      • velocite

        Other than the height of summer I wear wool jerseys all the time. They’re not superfine merino so they may let more air through than these, but the warm when wet story is true. You get caught in heavy rain without a rain vest and you’re in wool jersey, that’s no problem. If I hadn’t just ordered a new one from Soigneur in NZ I’d click on one of these.

      • @Stephen, try this: http://www.eleven.cc/merino/ This is information supplied to us by Woolmark and explains it pretty well.

    • Raymond

      I agree, and given the price is very similar to these brands, it’s great to see some local material sourcing and manufacturing, Definitely up there on my list for when I next get kit.

  • OverIt

    I think this is great. Greater use of “natural” materials is a good thing. I’ve found some synthetic fabrics irritate my skin, and this product might help that. Any thoughts from 11V on this? Would it be fabric quality or the dies?

    I’ve actually had such nasty rashes and eczema from so called “re-usable” (those blue/green) shopping bags that i had to throw them all away and get some calico bags, as simply holding the former would bring out a nasty skin reaction on my hands.

    From an environmental aspect it’s great too. With the data now coming to light on how many micro plastic particles are ending up in the ocean from synthetic clothes washing as they degrade over their life and enter the ecosystem, we really all need to start being smarter with natural materials such and wool and hemp.

  • Arfy

    Isn’t superfine wool in the 15 – 18um range? I’m wondering if the spandex element of the material helps the spun wool hold its shape when wet, as well as fabric elasticity? In my view wool has been undervalued as a hot-weather material, sure it doesn’t breath as well (probably need panels of other material in there somewhere) but it will insulate you from the hot sun. Unlike lycra which will essentially just pass the direct heat of the sun straight through to your skin, even if it does block out the UV.

    • @Arfyfully agree about the summer thing. In Australia it’s been a massive uphill battle, not only for us but others working with Merino, to get people to understand that in the heat, Merino performs every bit as well as pretty much most synthetics. I’ve had plenty of hot summer rides in Sydney where the Merino has not been an issue in the least, and when it’s that hot and humid most other fabrics we’ve used get that wet clingy feel to them.

  • winkybiker

    I like that they accept the limitation of merino wool in certain applications like the leg panels, rather than just pretend it’s always perfect. I have a few wool blend jerseys and they have been great. Very durable and comfortable. I’d like to try these.

  • Pete Young

    I’ve been riding in an Eleven Velo jersey since last year and it’s my go-to jersey for comfort and temperature control. I much prefer the natural feel to most ‘aero’ jerseys and also quite happily ride it in the height of summer and depths of winter. Merino is great as it doesn’t smell and wicks away sweat really well. Combine it with a merino base layer and you’re ready to ride anywhere, anytime.

    Another nice touch is the ability to add reflective panels to the rear pockets – a simple yet very useful safety addition for those riding on dark winter days. I don’t know any other standard jersey with this same setup so it’s definitely my ‘be seen’ jersey on early rides.

    Rapha are known for their ‘sportswool’ merino and these are everywhere – but these jerseys are better! You’re also supporting Aussie businesses, just like your LBS.

    The order process takes a while but it’s worth it. You also get the impression they guys running this place really care. I highly recommend it.


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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017