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  • Derek Maher

    Sorry to read of your troubles Loren. You are probably suffering from endorphin withdrawal as well making you feel more down. Maybe a little chocolate as a pick me up may help. Plus the old adage This too will pass.

  • Elisabeth

    Fantastic piece, and such a good reminder that even when it seems impossibly tough, it’s really good for us in other ways.

  • Craig

    Very well considered and well written, Loren! Best of luck with your studies and your riding, and here’s hoping that you’ll have more resilience than you’ll need for the year ahead. (It’s kind of like energy gels in that regard, eh? Better to have more than you need, rather than coming up short.) :-)

  • Well, writing this was time very well spent I can tell you that. Thanks for that!

  • I’ve just been reading a book that explores the psychology behind success ‘How bad do you want it’. Your story reminds me of the quote “The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” ? Stephen McCranie

  • Lovely words Loren. Thanks for sharing.


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