• Very unique looking helmet is all I have to say. The most interesting thing I got from that chart is that I should just stick with my Air Attack Shield for time trials rather than investing in a tear dropped TT helmet. Surprisingly little difference on their chart.

    • Arfy

      Especially if, like most people, you don’t maintain the perfect head angle for the whole TT.

  • CapeHorn

    And the usual piece of information is missing. Do they have, or are thery planning on getting A/NZ2063 certification for the helmet?

    • James Huang

      Absolutely, yes.

  • Simon E

    Helmet drag varies so much with rider / position, I wouldn’t rely solely on these numbers.

    • James Huang

      Giro says those numbers are based on two head angles and five (if I remember correctly) yaw angles, all translated into its so-called ‘Wind Averaged Drag’ algorithm. Long story short, those numbers are *supposed* to be representative of a broad range of conditions. Either way, wind tunnel data is always tricky and as you’ve implied, the only true way to know what’s best for any particular rider is for that rider to head into the wind tunnel themselves.

  • dsd74

    Two words came to mind when I saw that helmet: Start Wars.

    Can’t wait to see the crowd reaction when someone inevitably walks into a café with that thing still on their head!


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