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  • Dave

    The fact that this has even come to the point of being lodged in court doesn’t look good for Michael Drapac’s public position on assisting his athletes with developing a career outside of their sport.

  • Gavin Adkins

    From the outside, it seems like a high risk move for Cantwell.

    • jules

      it’s interesting if his contract includes a provision for developing the Swift Carbon business, and that trying too hard to meet that provision was a factor in his being terminated. I can see Drapac’s perspective if he wasn’t training enough, but at very face value (obviously this is idle speculation by me) I reckon Cantwell’s defence team will pushing hard on the reasonableness angle of those potentially conflicting requirements.

      • Saeba R.

        Yeah and seemingly now the “CEO” is risking the Swift-Drapac r’ship as well? BTW CEO seems a rather inflated title…

        • jules

          I’d say that relationship has been killed off by now, if not contractually. I have seen Swifts being ridden by the Drapac boys and associated teams, but never seen them for sale anywhere.

          • Robert Merkel

            They’re on sale at the shop at the St Kilda baths. Dunno where else (in Australia), though.

            Never quite understood their strategy – I’m sure the bikes are fine, but it seems like a premium price for a fairly generic product.

        • Alby

          I have it on good authority that Drapac won’t be riding swift after this season.

          • Dave

            The other half of the merged team’s name would be a pointer in that direction.

  • Saeba R.

    $300k? Wonder what Drapac was paying him?

    • jules

      same here. not $300k is my guess

      • Saeba R.

        I would personally have guessed around $60k. Yet would be very surprised if it was much above $100k…

        • Christinarcook1

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        • 87,400 Euros (AU$142,000) per year.

          • Saeba R.

            Surprising! Must be so dufficult to sustainably finance mid-level teams…

          • Dave

            If he’s claiming over $300,000 that would suggest there’s a lawyer somewhere who has given Jonathan the nickname ‘Lord’ – as in ‘Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz.’


            • Saeba R.

              Although given that he lost salary for what seems a 14month period and also lost potential for personal endorsement revenue as well as race prize money (and potentially damage for possibility of income upon completion of contract) it could be possible to come up with a 300k figure…

              *Although I am not taking sides in anyway.*


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