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  • MattHurst

    A massive bump from ruffoni (bardiani) saw Calab Ewan knocked off kittels wheel in the lead up to the sprint, his diminutive size probably not helping, but that was a big boys welcome to a giro sprint train for sure. He did well for 7 th, kittel was as imposing as ever. I love how the ettix quickstep train stays cool until the final 2/1.5 km then monster to the front. Not sure what happened to geipel.

    • MattHurst

      Greipel, damn auto correct.

    • aranwatson

      Well said. Caleb will have his day I’m sure, though not sure it will be this year. He does seem capable of hanging in there for the long days though, so maybe later in the Giro with a thinned out bunch. One for the future; Kittel is everything for right now.

      • jules

        Caleb has some good speed. he got roughed up and boxed in there, he didn’t even get a chance to sprint. no reason he can’t feature.

        • Dave

          He used too much too early when he had to lead himself out, it looks like he’s being left to pretty well fend for himself this time with the other seven guys on the team being selected to work for Chavez.

          I couldn’t help laughing out loud when his attempt to get back in on Kittel’s wheel just resulted in him bouncing off Ruffino like an 18 year old draftee trying to lay a bump on a 30 year old veteran in his first AFL game.

    • Common Wombat

      Awww … poor little diddums !! He got the hard sharp lesson that was coming to him. HE decided to engage in the biff n barge with someone more experienced and bigger than himself rather than staying on his own man’s wheel.

    • Dave

      Yep, it looked a bit harder than the Tour of Korea!

      He should be thankful that the U23 race at the World Championships has been opened to professionals, because Brad McGee would probably have crossed him off the list for the men’s race this year within seconds of him bouncing off Ruffoni like a pinball.

      • Patricia Dickinson

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  • Cameron Harris

    GreenEdge are referring to some sort of restriction on race footage in their backstage passes. What’s the story there?

    • Hyun-ji Song

      Could be organisers just not allowing other parties to feature race footage on youtube.

    • RCS (owner of the Giro) does not allow video of the race unless you a rights holder. Even we cannot do Facebook Live in many locations of the race because we haven’t purchased the vision rights (often only TV networks can afford this)

      • Dave

        The broadcasters pay a large amount of money for exclusive rights, and they are well within their rights to demand that the exclusivity they pay for be honoured. The team is doing it for commercial purposes (they are not a news organisation using 30sec of footage in a report for the 6pm news) so it’s no different to any other company wanting to use race vision for commercial purposes – do it properly and pay for a licence like everyone else.

        There’s nothing stopping them from getting together a mutually beneficial proposal and presenting it to the broadcasters. Perhaps an option could be to produce it ‘as normal’ but allow the broadcasters exclusive first use before putting it on YouTube at the end of the following stage coverage and/or geoblocking.

        One thing is for sure – it was thoroughly unprofessional to have such a huge amount of the first two videos devoted to a hissy fit about it, and they would be well advised to not repeat the same stunt next year when they’ll be on the hunt for 2018 naming rights sponsors. All that will have achieved is a quiet three weeks for their riders on the media front, unless they win the right to a mandatory presser by taking a stage or jersey.

  • Daniel

    Not really a stage for Ewan.

    Kittel was starting to look unbeatable when he was fit at Giant, the move to Quickstep has just made it tougher for every other team. He’s now got one of the most proven lead out teams guiding him, its gonna be good luck trying to beat him. Be interesting to see what happens with Kittel/Gaviria at the end of the year.

    • bigdo

      Right…b/c Gaviria is also really dominant out there at times as well and he’s even younger than Kittel I believe…I think their ego’s can be contained on the same team for another season…if Etixx has to choose between them however, I’m sure they’d lean towards Kittel..

    • Common Wombat

      Well Ewan had better cash in tomorrow otherwise he’s got sweet FA hopes of anything else in this Giro. The next flat stage isn’t until stage 12 and even the medium mountain stages will see him battling to make the time cuts especially if they race a few of them hard. If management is smart they’ll drag him by stage 9 (long ITT before 2nd rest day).

      • Dave

        Stage 11 is a flat one too, it only has one Category 4 GPM.

        I think they should be looking to get two weeks out of him this time – perhaps pull him out midway through stage 13. They got 9 full days from him at the Vuelta last year, and they should not be expecting less than that this time.

        Fighting through the hard days and having a minimum of one highlight on each of those days (contesting the intermediate sprints, or pulling a couple of hard turns for Chavez) is part of being a sprinter. The team can’t shelter him from that forever, they need to know if he’s got that fight in him soon, as his contract is up at the end of the year.

        • Common Wombat

          Although OGE does have at least 4 higher re-signing priorities than Ewan, they’ve almost certainly locked themselves into re-signing him unless he misbehaves himself terribly. At this point he really appears a one-trick pony, ie a bunch sprinter, and his lack of size counts against him in any argy bargy that goes with that. Its questionable that he’ll ever have the engine to become a classics rider and once they start racing hills (let alone mountains) with some extra pace he’s in strife. Much as I would like to be proven otherwise, I think his major limitations are likely to be further exposed and he’s likely to be a “king of the crits” and someone who can kill it against the 2nd tier guys but get thumped by the major players.

  • bigdo

    The way Kittel held off Arnaud Demare at the end there and just outright blasted him with sheer power was a feat to behold…Demare is no slouch and he just couldn’t do anything to even remotely challenge the big German….what a finish.

    • claude cat

      Yeh, full beast mode engaged there.

      • bigdo

        He’s something else to watch…truly a talent. I want to see him Sagan, Cav, Griepel, Kristoff, Ewan, Gaviria and Mareczko all in a finish at once…


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