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  • My goodness…Kluge has balls for saluting so early with a sprinting bunch breathing down his neck only a few meters away. Thought he was going to get caught while his hands were in the air!

    • Andy B

      haha I had the same feeling, he seemed to be a long way out

    • Nitro

      I thought the pro thing to do was raise hands as you go across the line / just after – not before… I know we’ve all seen instances of celebrations that start too early, then turn to tears seconds later… Bet that would have been a difficult conversation with the DS…

      • Another German made this mistake in Italy back in 2004: https://youtu.be/C8UVooIqea0?t=3m16s

      • Yolandadmanno3

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    • david__g

      Nah, he was miles ahead!

  • The German stats are even more striking than you claim, since 2010-2015 is six years.


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