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  • This bloke is a legend.
    Still can’t get my head around his backpack method. The added weight on the saddle! But as he has said, it works for him.
    But, he still has a pannier rack! Maybe he swaps around. Maybe it’s for dinking friendly locals. Or, groceries at the end of the day … :-)

  • Eat More Lard

    Cripes! Crossing the Atacama on a bus was hard enough work let alone riding it. Chapeau!

    • Alyssatharbison2

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  • Estivalia

    I live in Antofagasta, a coast city in the Atacama, I have traveled through the region many times, but only do short rides on the bike. The landscape is beautiful and truly captured in the pictures.

    • It always blows my mind when someone from so far across the world drops by and leaves a comment like this. Thanks @estivalia:disqus!


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