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  • Legstrong

    Their styling (graphic) needs some upgrades. Too loud.

    I have also seen multiple users of PI’s bibs, they discolored and turned into brown color bibs. Kind of like AG2R kit. Not sure due to UV exposure or multiple washing.

  • winkybiker

    My experience with PI has been very good. I think they are at the sweet spot in the price/quality spectrum. Good stuff, functionally better than the low-budget brands, but still not too pricey.

  • lerubi1

    Not a single picture of somebody actually wearing the kit?

    • Yolandadmanno3

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  • ridein

    I tried out the medium InRcool shorts, but found them too tight in the crotch and waist (34″). Used them for one 35 mile ride, then sold them.

  • MattyP

    Owned a pair of PI Elite knocks for a few years now, and they’re the knicks I ride in when I want comfort over long distances. Stood up well during the 205km of fun of the GOR & Otway epic ride back in April. Been great in both hot, warm or cool weather too.

  • cthenn

    I agree with ridein. Their fit has gotten increasingly tight, to the point where I cannot wear them anymore. I’m 5’9″, 152lb, and a medium fits like a rubber band, it is SO tight. And in the crotch area as well. I see several reviews on Amazon for their shorts that repeat the same thing. Has anyone tried this latest version, to compare to previous versions of their shorts? I used to LOVE PI stuff, now I cannot even fit into it, and I’m the exact same size I’ve always been. I like their shorts, but the fit has gotten to be ridiculous. (BTW, sizing up doesn’t work, because on me, there becomes too much extra fabric, esp above the waist.)


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