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  • Andy B

    Thanks for not helping me get over my desire to try and track down one of these limited edition framesets.. thanks..

    • Torontoflatlander

      At least it’s not drugs.

      • Andy B

        Its a slippery slope

        • Lach

          “gateway drug”

  • Nitro

    Sagan rides a 56cm frame. I ride a 56cm frame. Coincidence?

    Dear Mr. Sagan – When you feel the need to upgrade, I’ll be happy to give this stunning machine a new home… Having said that, I’d hang it on the wall and look at it every day instead of daring to take it on the road.

    Proof that computer designed carbon fibre and titanium can still be a work of art

  • Sean parker

    14cm stem? that’s the wrong size bike for him. discuss.

    • Andy B

      Based on?
      Pros love a long stem..

      As long as there is no toe overlap they seem to run the smallest frame possible?

      • He actually rides a rather large frame for his height and toe overlap shouldnt stop anyone from riding a smaller frame…toe overlap all the way on all my bikes but the MTB and I have size 42 feet.

        • Andy B

          Id say he rides the right size frame for his size.. probably just big for a pro

          I guess its all personal preference.. personally I hate toe overlap :) particularly on a cx bike

          • I understand it on a cx bike but a proper geometry should take care of that not the frame size. I ride a Giant TCR and if I wanted to not have toe overlap I’d need to up-size two sizes. I also ride the cleats a bit more back than I used to and that adds to the fact.
            And yes he rides the ”proper” frame size, its just unusual that he still rides a 140mm stem along with that. Saying so I am absolutely sure he knows what he likes to ride and that’s the only thing that should dictate what you ride anyway.

    • Sean

      I couldn’t agree more, most pro’s haven’t got a clue about proper frame fit. 14cm is nuts and his seat is way to high, I find the key is to make sure handlebars and seat are at the same height.

      • Sean parker

        That’s exactly what steve hogg would say..

      • dllm

        He uses improper fitting as handicap to avoid monopoly. He still get victories.

      • George Hayduke

        I can guarantee he did not set this fit himself. I think you haven’t got a clue about proper frame fit.

        • Lach

          I’m pretty sure it was tongue in cheek mate. Especially the “Handlebars and seat are at the same height” part.

    • George Hayduke

      To All,

      Here’s the quick story on Pro’s riding small frames: Frames are created from a set of molds that are unique to each frame size with set geometries aimed at the regular market. Professionals prefer a greater drop for all sorts of reasons and because each frame size has a set headtube legnth, they size down for the shorter headtubes, which also comes with a shorter top tube, therfore requiring a longer stem. Building a custom frame mold for a single rider is prohibitively expensive for most situations.

      Every single professional rider is also professionally fit these days and they are not riding the wrong size frame, they are using the frame size to achieve their fit goals.

      • disqus_mg47wUkn4F

        So much for “rider-first” engineered. I kid but it makes you raise your eyebrow especially when they shove it down your throat when pros opt for a smaller size frame. I totally get that the pros are on another level.

      • Sean parker

        fair enough,
        here was i thinking that the world champ might have had a frame made for him. Or perhaps he likes a bike that handles like a bus – nice and stable in the sprints I suppose.

    • gpop87

      It’s a compromise. Cannondale used to make a custom “long and low” frame for him, something like a 58cm top tube, low headtube and 120mm stem. Specialized is giving him a standard 56cm top tube and 16cm? headtube, thus the 140mm stem to make up for it. A standard 58cm Specialized would be too tall up front for an aggressive stem to fix. http://www.bikeradar.com/us/road/gear/article/pro-bike-peter-sagans-cannondale-synapse-hi-mod-40636/

      • James Huang

        Ha, I remember shooting those photos!

      • Sean parker

        That makes sense…but they couldn’t custom a frame with another cm in the top tube for the world champion?

  • Chris

    I guess that colour scheme will ensure the bike never gets stolen.

  • winkybiker

    Don’t those external bearings cups add to the Q-factor, as well as requiring a longer spindle? I thought the cheap-ass press-fit set-up that the Tarmacs are shipped with had bearings flush with the BB shell and the LH crank-arm right up against it with minimal clearance.

    • James Huang

      As compared to dedicated BB30/PF30/OSBB cranks, yes, this sort of setup would definitely require a longer spindle. However, the Q-factor is unchanged since the arms are just offset less to compensate.

  • Gus Gollings

    Are Look a component sponsor, or are the KéO Blades his personally preferred pedals?

  • Kill Bill

    16.45 lbs? Don’t most pro’s bikes weigh closer to the UCI weight minimum of 14.99 lbs?

    • James Huang

      Actually, no. Generally, only the climbers’ bikes regularly flirt with that limit, and even then, sometimes only on big mountain stages.

  • Shane Ingram

    That would be 603mm from the seat nose to the handlebar (not from the seat tail)

    • James Huang

      Whoops! Sorry, that’s correct. Old habits die hard. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Sammy

    Why not riding the new venge vias? Doesn’t look like many pros are liking it. Even Etixx has all riders in giro on tarmacs, only two venges on car #2 roof as spares


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