• Neo

    Actually, DT Swiss makes the internals and sells these under their own brand as well. It as a collaboration between the two companies, not sure that they are any different, though.

  • Tyron Anton

    Even Uran is forced to use Ultegra Di2, budget must be stretched.

  • Dave

    What’s the device clamped onto the front tyre of Bewley’s bike? Security lock/alarm perhaps?

    That Ursus front wheel is sexy.

    Regarding ‘aero’ claims about eTap, what about the two chunky batteries on the derailleurs?

    • David Everett

      The device on the wheel is the remote for the turbo trainer. And as for the batteries, this is where a proper wind tunnel test may be of interest, cables vs batteries.

      • Christinarcook1

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  • Nick

    A couple of things D2Z have their own disc wheel not a re-badged lightweight http://www.drag2zero.co.uk/d2z-disc-wheel/ and Trek speed concepts have custom rear as well as front brakes.

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