Photo highlights from the 2016 Giro d’Italia


There's so much more to the story of a Grand Tour than simply who won it. Every day brings its own unique narrative, and every rider has their part to play in that narrative.

This year's Giro d'Italia showed just how beautiful bike racing can be, but also how unforgiving. For Steven Kruijswijk, the intense high of leading the race into the final few stages was in sharp contrast with the intense low of crashing out of contention at a pivotal moment. For Vincenzo Nibali, the final few days provided an about-face of a different kind, as the Italian moved towards his second overall victory.

In the gallery you see below, we share some of our favourite images from the 99th edition of the Giro d'Italia. These images don't just capture the beauty of the season's first Grand Tour, they also show the emotion the Giro rouses in the riders and in those of us looking in from the outside. We hope you enjoy.


  • Stompin

    Stunning images!

  • Arfy

    Magnificent! Is that John Howard dressed up as a nun?

  • Michele

    Brilliant set of images.

    Just one query: not sure how effective those IAM cycling ass saving motivational blurbs are. After all, it’s pretty hard to read that when you’re digging deep.

    Maybe it’s something for their wheel sucking rivals to be inspired by?

  • rossp71


  • Il_falcone

    Thank you very much for sharing those really great photos with us!

  • Bartlomiej Getta

    Amazing shots, covering all aspects of what was a great race. On a more serious note,
    I thought Italians were meant to have style…Black shoes with white socks?

  • Kieran Degan

    Beautiful. That show of Whitey and Chavez is gold.

  • toyboata

    always the best photos around. thanks

  • Frank Kotter

    Each and every one is so good for its own reasons but man, that Gruber fella!

  • Love those pics!!!!!

  • binotto

    Wonderful photos!! Thank you Kristof, Jered & Ashley and Cor! It’s so cool to see your work together – you all have such different styles. and it’s great to see these different perspectives on this event so clearly.

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