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  • jon

    Golden State color!

  • Hamish Moffatt

    “Trek equips its top-end bikes with molded-in pockets in the chainstay for the Bontrager DuoTrap S wireless speed and cadence sensor.” My 4 year old middle of the range Giant has that too. Seems a bit cheap of them to only put it at the top of the range.

  • Mark

    Too bad the custom painter didn’t know that when the American flag is on the left side of a person or a moving vehicle, that the flag is reversed to show movement. Rookie mistake

    • James Huang

      Are you referring to the flag on the name decal? That’s not a function of the painter but rather whoever printed the stickers – and while you’re technically correct that the flag should be reversed on the right side of moving objects, I’ve never actually seen it done in practice in this particular application.

      • Christinarcook1

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  • Legstrong

    Trek is the clear winner of the color battle in the pro peloton.


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