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  • Andy B

    Its been exciting racing so far, I’ve enjoyed every stage

    • Devonhmahmoud3

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  • Dave

    A big part of Brambilla’s performance in stage 9 was not so much the leader’s jersey but that he has the skill of handling his bike – the same skill which was a key part of his win on stage 8. He was exiting many of the corners with what looked like roughly 10 km/h extra compared to some of the other riders – most notably the Russian lab rat.

    This is one of the things I love about the Giro, it tests the complete rider. Thankfully the organisers of the Tour have taken notice in the last few years with more interesting courses that have forced riders like Chris Froome to improve their skills and become more than just one dimensional pedalling machines.

    • Great call Dave.

    • J Evans

      Very good point. And Froome, for instance, has massively improved his downhill skills – watch him from 2012, say, and he’s absolutely woeful.

    • velocite

      There certainly seemed to be a huge variation in cornering speeds in the tt. Is is all bike handling, or might tyres and tyre pressures play a part?

      • Dave

        I’d say it’s mostly the skills – including each rider’s familiarity with their TT bike.

        Every team at that level has experienced mechanics to handle tyre selection and pressures, plus access to the internet to look at the weather radar.

    • Spencer Martin

      Brambilla’s bike handling was incredible. Did anyone notice that he was in 90th at the time check at the top of the last climb. If that was accurate, it means he made up 73 spot on that last short descent! It’s always great to see slick bike handling affecting the outcome of a race.

      • Dave

        He was never that far down, that was the fault of the host broadcaster being fed inaccurate transponder data. His real splits on the published results (from the linescan cameras, not transponders) showed him at:

        11.6km, 28th place, +0:44
        22.3km, 28th place, +1:22
        33.7km, 18th place, +1:39
        Finish (40.5km), 17th place, 17th place, +2:05

        • Spencer Martin

          That makes more sense, thank you for digging that info up.

          • Dave

            The transponder issue was mentioned on the broadcast by any commentators who had full access to race communications – i.e. not the SBS commentators who watch the race on TV in Sydney and can see nothing more than you or I get at home.

            The SBS commentators don’t even have a copy of the race handbook, RCS having not made it available online.

  • J Evans

    I was surprised anyone was believing Dumoulin – it was virtually the same story he gave at the Vuelta.
    And I don’t believe him now about losing time and going for a stage.
    Bit disappointing that Amador lost time on some not very high hills. With this TT abilities, one wonders if he could be a GC contender in a different team.
    Kruijswijk has learned – from last year – about not losing time in the first week (something Hesjedal never did learn – despite winning the thing).

    • Andy B

      I had a vivid dream about 2 months ago that Kruijswijk will win the Giro..

      just putting it out there

  • velocite

    Lots of good TV watching this year. Paris-Nice, great race. Paris-Roubaix, magic. And this Giro, just fascinating. What have you missed? Well, I think Chaves deserved a mention. Did a good time trial, for him, and he seems to be lurking. Who knows how far he’ll go? A great pity that Cancellara got sick, such an inspiring rider. But I believe the thing that sticks in my mind most so far is Kittel: it must be very depressing for the other sprinters to see this bloke pedal away, even if he does have a great lead out train. The planet Krypton springs to mind.

    • Matt

      I have to agree regarding Chaves. Whilst I think OGE would have liked him to be 30 seconds faster, given he lost like 6 minutes in last years Giro and 3+ in last years Vuelta his TT abilities have improved markedly. I think he is the best climber in the race and the only rider that can probably hang with him in Nibbles. I fully expect it to be Nibble, Valverde and Chaves come the high mountains. The Giro has delivered strange results so I wouldnt be counting Chaves out for the overall at this stage.


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