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  • Dave

    Jungels for best hair? Ridiculous, he’s only his team’s leadout man for that race.

    • I agree, but his team leader is no longer in the race, so he’s now leading the team’s push for that classification.

      • Dave

        It will be a hollow victory when the guy who dropped out still amassed more points.

        • Roger That

          Being an Italian race, it would be well within their rights for race organisers to have a Best Hair jersey.

        • Daisydbristow3

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  • Andy B

    Any idea on what exactly happened to Nibalis rear derailleur during the TT?
    I recall reading in an article that he prefers to use Campag Mechanical groupsets to limit the potential for something going wrong outside of his control
    wondering if this has worked in reverse?

    • James Huang

      According to a report on Cyclingnews, the problem was with the front derailleur, not the rear. Nibali supposedly dropped his chain while trying to shift up front, and then broke the derailleur as he was attempting to get it back on to the chainring.

      • Nick Squillari

        How’s it possible the rear hanger was that soft? Not an issue I was aware Tarmac’s had?

        • James Huang

          Again, the issue was apparently with the *front* derailleur, not the rear, and it was supposedly the derailleur itself, not the mount. The Tarmac rear hanger definitely isn’t unusually soft.

          • Freddy Franks

            Front derailleur dropped the chain but then the rear derailleur was the one that failed as they hurriedly attempted to get the chain back on. Watch the video.

            • James Huang

              I’m not sure I’d say the rear derailleur ‘failed’. Nibali was clearly trying to get his chain back on the chainring up front but didn’t seem to realize that it was sucked up into the frame. With that sort of misalignment, I’m not entirely surprised that the chain jammed up in the pulleys and sucked the entire derailleur up and around. Either way, very unfortunate (and watching that SR rear derailleur disintegrate definitely made me cringe a little!).

  • Nick Clark

    Prior to the TT win, had Gazprom-Rusvelo really justified their wildcard? My take was that they were (by wildcard standards) sorely missing from breakaways in the first half of the race…

  • Laurens

    As a Dutchie I am totally excited… Kruijswijk isn’t the best of descenders and that’s where I expect the attacks to come, especially by Nibali. I am keeping my fingers crossed that there won’t be an off-day for Kruijswijk!

  • Steel

    Richie porte should have entered this race instead of the tour. With the time trialling on offer he is much better bet here than against froome and quintana at the tdf.


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