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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
November 15, 2017
  • Peter Warne

    it’s Luft, not Lüft ….

    • Catherine Rodriquez

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  • the way to wear a cap can only be assessed in the early days, were hard men raced without helmets. You missed an essential aspect in how to wear a cap, and that’s ‘nonchalance’. At all time the cap should be placed on your head pretending that it miraculously has landed there, defining the laws of gravity. Nice examples can be found here: http://grandeperca.tumblr.com/post/128044516216/how-to-wear-a-cap or here http://grandeperca.tumblr.com/post/101411779651/how-to-wear-a-cap-prim-on-bianchi-goodwood-82 or http://grandeperca.tumblr.com/post/96253261391/how-to-wear-a-cap-battaglin
    just saying…

  • Steffen

    Concerning #6 – I agree, unsless it is 1996 and your first Name is Jan.

  • superdx

    Cycling caps in summer are a fantastic idea. On humid days they wick sweat away from your eyes (which stings like hell), and you can flip the visor down to reduce glare from the sun. The stinging eyes thing is a very big safety thing, if you can’t see, you’re going to be running into stuff like potholes, other cyclists or heaven forbid even a car.

    I find caps infinitely more useful in warm weather / summer than in winter.

    • Paul Jakma


    • Jonathan.

      Seriously. I commute into the sun most afternoons, I’d go blind if I didn’t wear my cap. Cycling caps are for all seasons, not just to complete “the classics look”. wtf bros.

    • Geoff

      Wearing a cap in Summer prevents me from getting “go-faster stripes” tanned on my head through the helmet vents. (God only created so many perfect heads, the rest he covered with hair.)

    • awesometown

      It’s the easiest piece of extra equipment to carry and the first thing you’re going to miss when a sudden downpour arrives. As always “how to wear ____ properly” articles are full of shit.

    • Dan

      I live in Australia, and have thinning hair…cap needed to prevent serious sunburn through helmet vents all year round

      • Avuncular

        +1 and this quote is particularly galling if not stupid …”Wearing a cap when it’s a scorcher outside might shield your balding head from the sun or keep the sweat from dripping into your eyes, but in typical cyclist fashion we’ll take style over practicality here any day.”
        I’ve had cancers removed from various parts of my anatomy including my head due to sun exposure in my youth and I’ll take prevention over style any day. Go into Peter Mac and talk to the oncologists about skin cancer. It ain’t pretty.

  • Derek Maher

    Nice to see the good old cap getting a mention. I always wear one for its comfort and practical use.

  • aranwatson

    Van der Poel has been slaying the cap style over in the cyclocross world the past two years. That kid has got it!

  • Paul Jakma

    The 2 and 6 here are just utter bollocks. On 2, as a profuse sweater, I find a cap very helpful to direct the sweat away from my eyes and help with wicking (I don’t wear a helmet). 6: just look at photos or video from the glory days of caps – lots of riders had them backwards. If many found that the most functional way to wear them (and I would suggest pros from the days before the mostly-useless polystyrene hats would know best), then your rule 6 is just bollocks. ;)

  • Jonathan.

    Yeah, rules. Cos we need rules about how to wear a cap.
    Careful, you’re > < this close to becoming the velominati… Yes, that's an insult.

  • Roger That

    Luft at the cafe is important and not often discussed. Too tight a cap also restricts your ability to absorb the aroma and to taste the crema that sits on top of your brew. You might as well be drinking hot water with your cap on too tight. Trust me, I’m a capologist.

    • Spider

      Finally, someone who read the article in the manner it was meant to be taken.

      Cycling…we’re grown men pedaling around in our underwear….and boy do we take it seriously!

  • Callum Dwyer

    Wesley says no to point 1.

    • Alex Cheek

      On closer inspection, I see that Wes is wearing lycra, so I think that counts as “cycling kit”. Rule #1 compliant in my book.

  • Jorgan

    Pity most pros ignored your advice back the day; but what do they know.

  • chronologic

    I can wear my cap HOWEVER I WANT! Sheesh.

  • Sean parker

    Why cyclists think they look cool wearing a cap that appears to be hiding an unsightly pointy tumour is beyond me….

  • Anon N + 1

    How about explaining how to wash a cycling cap without ruining the visor? I’ve broken two, which make it difficult to wear the cap

    • Clarence

      put it in those laundry cages/nets/bags/whatever for delicate lingerie.

      • Anon N + 1

        Actually, I did that. Nonetheless, after several washings, whatever it is in the brim that keeps the brim stiff cracked fore and aft and now the brim won’t stay in the flipped-up position. Sigh.

        • Clarence

          Laundry settings as well as what you are actually washing you cap with also play part in it. I lost/broke a super cool (at least to me) Columbus cycling cap that way, now I only wash them inside that net cage with light clothing (the rest of the cycling kit) on low drum rpm. Oh, and don’t try to wash two of more together inside the net because they’ll come out with lint balls!

  • Nathan

    I keep telling my friends and colleagues that cyclists really aren’t wankers and that it is more important that you are on the bike than what you wear…. articles like this really don’t help my case. I realise this is a long form tongue in cheek advert for the CT emporium, but this reaffirms the stereotype of cyclists as narcissistic tools.
    Just for the record, a cycling cap should be worn with swagger..no other rules apply. Get the attitude right and you can look cool with a cap pulled down over your ears – almost : )

  • Mark Blackwell

    I have a fond memory of riding out along Warburton Hwy to Donna Buang in the early 90’s, boldly wearing a cycling cap and no helmet. It was so goddamn liberating, perhaps because it was illegal, perhaps for other reasons, but sadly I’ll probably never experience it again.

    • Spider

      I once rode with a gentleman who rode out wearing the helmet and then draped the helmet over the stem at the base of the climb….rode up Donna with the cap on…surely that kind of style took a minute or two off the climb?

    • Derek Maher

      Sorry to read its illegal to just wear your cycling cap while going for a spin. In Ireland and the UK we still have freedom of choice and I do enjoy it.

  • Kris Hajdu

    I found these awesome caps and if I knew where to buy them, I’d wear them day and nigh! :)

  • Travis Gawn

    Never fucking flip the brim up


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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
November 15, 2017