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  • jules

    The old post rest day rebound!

    • Dave
      • jules

        it’s like when your neighbour splurges on that new BMW and you look at your old Toyota and suddenly it seems very second hand and worn out :)

  • KJ

    This guy still riding is all that’s wrong with cycling.

    • Sammy

      Valverde? Yes, his past is murky, but he is a real racer, very exciting to watch.

  • Laurens

    That stage was fireworks! Glad I started watching online right from the start. So excited about Kruijswijk, I hope he can bring it home. And I never liked or trusted Nibali much so wasn’t exactly crying when he had to let the others go.
    That was the first stage I wasn’t struggling to stay awake at all!

  • velocite

    Although Cannondale did make an effort after Dombrowski was dropped from the front group, it didn’t seem to make much of an impact. It would have relieved Howson and Plaza, but they weren’t able to reduce the gap.

  • Dave

    The experimental regime in Russia seems to have gone beyond just pharmaceuticals now. I’m sure I saw at least six limbs flailing about when Ilnur Zakarin did what might have been an attempt to sprint for the stage win last night.

    Or was it really just a botched attempt to simultaneously pay tribute to the cycling technique of Djamolidine Abdoujaparov and the legendary dance moves of Peter Garratt in the same go?

    • Daisydbristow3

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