Vicky Williamson back on the bike after Six-Day crash in January

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It was a scary night back in January, when British track cyclist Vicky Williamson collided with Elis Ligtlee in the Rotterdam Six-Day and crashed heavily on the wooden track.

It was immediately clear that the sickening impact in the sprint heat would have serious consequences. As competition was cancelled and fans ushered out of the velodrome it would have been hard to contemplate Williamson getting back on the bike at all, let alone so soon.

Williamson has been keeping everyone updated about her recovery on her blog. The 22 year old summarised the injuries in her first blog after the crash as follows:

“The first obvious injury was the large degloving cut to my right flank which went as deep as my spine exposing my lumboscrmal vertebrae. It can definitely be described as looking like a shark bite! To my neck I suffered a fracture to C3 and a C5/C6 prolapsed disc. My pelvis had also been fractured and dislocated. However, it was my back that took the worst hit. I had multiple fractures of the transverse processes from L1-L5, L4/L5 spinous process fractures as well as a L5-S1 dislocation. So yeah pretty much everything!”

Although she’ll obviously miss Rio 2016, she’s already looking ahead to a potential Olympic debut in Tokyo in 2020.

Then her “Weeks 12-16” blogpost finally had the title we’ve all been waiting for: “Back in the saddle!”

Williamson said her progression over the past four weeks had been unbelievably quick. “Suddenly everything started to fall into place and my strength was significantly improving as I pushed through my daily rehab and weekly hydrotherapy sessions. My scars are also now fully healed and looking much better.”

The photo Vicky Williams published along with her "Weeks 12-16" blogpost on her recovery.
The photo Williamson published along with the “Weeks 12-16” blogpost on her recovery.

She has added a “15 minute easy daily spin” to her routine on the indoor Wattbike, as the start of her cycling recovery.

“Things are looking good and I’m definitely the happiest I’ve been for a long time” said Williamson.

Check out Williamson’s website to follow her on the road to recovery.

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