Video: Australian adventurer prepares for world-first bike trip across Antarctica

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Australian adventurer Kate Leeming will today start a 20-day, 400-kilometre fat bike expedition in Greenland, in preparation for a world-first trip across Antarctica via the South Pole.

In Greenland Leeming will test out a new custom-made Christini all-wheel drive fat bike as she faces temperatures of -5°C to -20°C. Already the team has had to face the reality of harsh weather conditions, with the expedition start delayed by the onset of a blizzard.

“I really wanted to make this trip through Greenland a really good physical test to really prepare myself for Antarctica,” said Leeming in the video. “I really want to understand how much my body will take.”

You can find out more about the Greenland expedition in the video above by Claudio von Planta, who filmed the motorcycling epic Long Way Round. You can also follow the tracking map on her website to see the progress of Leeming’s trip, which starts at the old Danish military base of Mestersvig and, if all runs smoothly, will finish with the first north to south traverse of Liverpool Land.

If she can gather enough support Leeming plans to take on a 1,850 kilometer, 45 day trek across the isolated Antarctica at the end of this year, after delaying it from last year due to a funding shortfall. Leeming has already cycled a distance that is equivalent to two trips around the world on the equator on her various expeditions.

The real tennis professional has a habit of using her journeys to raise awareness and fundraise for those in need in the regions she has cycled through. Funds raised from the Breaking the Cycle South Pole expedition will be allocated to community development initiatives and raising awareness of the poverty related issues she learnt so much about on her African expedition.

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